Does anyone use Poshmark?


Nov 4, 2013
it it worth it to you going forward to sell expensive items online? just asking. I hate stress
I hate stress too, but I have so much stuff I need to sell. I have been so lucky on PM so far except for this one buyer. I also have had good luck on Tradesy too.
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Bags are my comfort… and my child’s snack holder.
Dec 22, 2013
Eastern US
… I received a bag that was poorly packaged and resulted in some damage and the seller offered a partial refund. Poshmark, did not agree with what seller offered and said they don’t do partial refunds and offered me a 5$ credit. What a joke. So annoyed that the seller and buyer cannot agree to same resolution.


May 10, 2010
I don't know if I'm doing something wrong but when I click on an item in my closet and Posh says offer to likers for a discount, I go and do that. then they say offer discounted shipping, which I do. I see that its been done. then if I go back to my "news" I see that it wasn't I didn't give the discount they wanted me to?
If you make an offer that isn't a certain percentage below a previous offer you sent, it won't be sent. Each offer has to offer a greater discount than the previous ones.
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