Does anyone use Poshmark?

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  1. #1 Oct 15, 2012
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    I'm obsessed with this app! I think it's still only for Apple users. But it's an awesome community and extremely safe. I had a scare with eBay earlier today and it's making me more grateful for this app.

    They take care of all of the shipping which makes it extremely easy and its a flat $7. Only drawback for sellers is it takes a 20% commission but it's not too bad if you take into account how much more accessable the customer service and buyer/seller protection is.

    If you use the code "x" you can get a $5 credit to shop with! It's all womens fashion and I've found some amazing steals on there :graucho:
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  2. I just recently found out about it, but browsing on my phone. I am addicated to this app, use it everyday, and have already bought 2 things from it. :smile:
  3. I will check this app out!
  4. I've found some great stuff on there! It can definitely be addicting !!
  5. I am about to try selling stuff that my snooty local consignment shops won't sell for me. Fingers crossed that I don't buy more than I sell...
  6. Anyone use the iPhone app poshmark?
  7. I have an account and I've listed a few items, but their fees seem to be way higher than other eBay and Bonanza so I seldom use it. I've never sold anything through the app though. It seems pretty straightforward and safe.
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  8. I have an app on my phone and I look through it at times but prices seem high on many items, fees seem high for sellers and lots of buyers seem to want to do trades for items they are selling. I don't quite 'get' it :Shrugs:
  9. If you all love Poshmark, you should give Threadflip a try!! It's basically the same idea :smile:

    I'm addicted to both apps LOL
  10. Still waiting for this company to make an Android app. But it looks pretty interesting from what I can tell from the pictures...
  11. I hope they make it for android too bc when my plan is up I'm switching to the galaxy s3

    Ive made a lot of money from selling on posh, even more than eBay, bonanza, and etsy combined! Plus if you find an item you like most sellers are easy to work with on the price! I haven't had an issue yet! It's been awesome and has really helped clean out my closet
  12. I am newly obsessed with this site! Thank you for posting this!
  13. I really like this site. I use the iPhone app and I use the website on the computer. I like that you are provided a shipping label. They do take 20% of your sales, but I think that's better than taking my unwanted clothes to Platos closet and getting only a tiny percentage of the money.

    I have noticed that some people are trying to sell stuff that is really worn though. :-s
  14. I love PM and have sold quite a bit there. I know they take a hefty chunk at 20% but with my busy schedule the convenience is worth it.
  15. This. I haven't sold a ton there (2 purses) but its wayyyyy better than consignment!
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