does anyone use PAM when they cook?

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  1. I tried it tonight for the first time to make an omelette with onions, and it stuck to the pan! should I have used more pam?
  2. That is weird. I use it and have no problems w/ sticking. What type of pan are you using? Maybe it is the pan that is the problem.
  3. I only use Pam and I have never had a problem with things sticking until it was time to replace my pans.
  4. I bought one of those pump spray bottles. I put olive oil or canola oil in the bottle and pump it to have a spray. It is cheaper than PAM.
  5. Oh.. yes my pan is old. I'll replace it and see how that goes. thanks !
  6. ^^^ That sounds like a great idea. I use pam only for eggs and never had a problem. I use no oil for red meat nor ground turkey, as weird as it sounds we like no stick to the natural flavors. I use olive oil for fish and chicken :drool:

    Ps. Where your eggs any good? :graucho:
  7. I also only use it for Eggs, everything else is always Olive Oil. I've never had problems with the Eggs sticking to the pan.

  8. Haha, my eggs were awful! It was in pieces! Good thing no one was around to see it, as everyone knows I can't cook :roflmfao:
  9. My experience is that pam can stick like a gummy gunk to pans and then I read my nonstick pan (analon) and it said not to use pam (or the like) because it can cause a sticky gunk.

    So, I've been using a misto pump ever since. Not quite as convenient, but at least I can control what I'm using and am not adding harmful chemicals to my body.

    Also, if you do not have a pump, put a little oil in the pan and with a paper towel piece (a small piece) rub it around the pan to coat it. I do that to my griddle every time I use it.
  10. I've always said I was going to do this. I remember at a pampered chef party the rep had those bottles.
    Anyway, I use pam on EVERYTHING and never have a problem. Maybe you had the burner too high?
  11. ^^they are a lot cheaper and healthier for that matter, but not nearly as convenient (i had the pampered chef one). u have to pump it every time and the spray isnt as fine of a mist. i only use pam for my eggs so it just wasnt worth the effort for me. i think if i used it more it might have been more worthwhile. just a lil fyi :smile:
  12. I got mine a Kitchen Kaboodle and it sprays a fine mist. I just have to pump it about twice.
  13. We use PAM for everything! It was until I was 22 and forced to gain weight that I actually started sauteeing in oil/butter. Now everything seems so much richer, and I prefer the lighter taste. But, that is how I was raised. I am sure if I grew to love the taste of the real stuff I would be dissapointed with PAM.
  14. Yeah, I used an old pan but I have a new one. I've been using PAM with everything and I love it. I'm going to try that spray bottle trick too..
  15. That's what I do. Although I find that if you're using a nonstick pan, it is really important to make sure the pan is not scratched up. When it's scratched, all the olive oil/PAM in the world won't help, plus it releases chemicals which are not good for you. Try a new pan, and make sure you use tools (spatulas, etc) that are specially made for nonstick cookware- basically don't use metal tools, get some that are silicone instead.