Does anyone use LV Keyholders?

  1. I was looking around on the LV site and of course looking for a wallet, but also noticed keyholders... the 4 key and the 6 key ( I would need the 6) So..... what style, color, etc do you all use?;)
  2. I bought one but had to return it as all my keys are too bulky and I couldn't close the keyholder with all the keys in it. I chose a cles in it's place.
  3. I have the 6 key in MONO, and a 4 key in the vernis indigo. I know some people say their chunky car keys don't fit, but my Lexus one fits fine.
  4. i have a 6 key chain monogram pouch which i bought a long time back, still durable.
  5. I'm worried about this a bit. I have one large car key with a fob (to lock/unlock, etc) It might not work:shame:
  6. I have a 4 key holder in taiga. Although it can hold more than four keys. I got this to use as a celphone holder (I unscrewed the hardware) and when I changed to another phone and it didn't fit anymore, it was reincarnated as a keyholder. Took some photos for your reference.
    key holder 001.jpg key holder 002.jpg
  7. i have the 4 key in pomme vernis. i have 7 keys on it. i'm love with it.
  8. I waiting for a mono cles coming in today!
  9. my friend has it, and its just to bulky for me as I need to carry 4 keys one of which being for my car and the keyless remote just does not work in it. If i had less bulky keys though I would get it for sure.
  10. I have the 6-key holder in damier. I have a bulky car key (w/ the built in car remote onto it) and that would not fit into the loop. I had to put a small ring on the key then loop it, but it fits fine with five other regular keys.
  11. I have a red epi 4 keyholder. Use it everyday, love it.
  12. i also have the 4 key holder in pomme vernis. i'm in love with it!
  13. I have the vernis 4 Key Holder in Indigo and Pomme! I love them.
  14. I have a 4-key Epi but I find it too small... >.<
  15. you know, I've been meaning to ask about them, how do they work? Do you have to detach the key when you are in your car? can anyone take a picture of it while the key is in the ignition so I can see how it will hang?