Does anyone use bungee hair elastics?

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  1. I have long, thick, stick-straight hair that I usually wear back. I read that the bungee-style elastics are the best for holding hair tight for ponytails, etc without breaking or damaging your hair. I got some but find that they're really hard to use - holding the hair back with one hand and trying to fasten these with the other - unless there's some trick I don't know?

    Unlike regular hair elastics that are shaped in a ring, bungee elastics are a single piece of elastic with hooks on both ends.
  2. The bungee-style hair elastic that you mentioned is pretty common in Asia. I noticed that they usually have 2 pieces of elastic instead of one though. Here is a diagram of how I usually tie my hair with those elastics (please forgive my terrible MS Paint skills :shame:smile::

  3. ^^ Cute lol!
    Love your creativeness ;)
  4. I've seen them on tv but never used them. Don't know where to find them actually. I thought the same need extra hands, and I only have two of those. lol
  5. Ive never even heard of these before. Have I been living under a rock?
  6. Littlepanda you are so cute!!! How sad that I needed a tutorial on this but now I get it. I tried but it I think it takes some practice (or a third arm).

    I have super thick hair so when I fold it in half I can barely get it around my ponytail so I don't have as much "give" in the elastic to play with. I tried using two but getting 4 hooks to connect was tough.

    Sounds like they sell a different kind in Asia, maybe I need to get on eB@y to find me some....I have slippery straight Asian hair...
  7. I found them difficult to use... I held the ponytail in one hand with one of the hooks, then wrapped the band around once and hooked both ends together. I liked how the bands didn't get all stretched out, but at the same time, I felt like the ponytail always looked sloppy :shrugs:
  8. Yes, tying the bungee type of hair elastics definitely has a learning curve :lol: I guess I learned a little more easily since my hair is fine and straight? I hold the middle part of the elastic and that helps a bit too. And I guess you could search on Asian eBay, but what search word would you use? Chinese doesn't seem to have a specific noun name for it... it's more specific than "hair accessory" but it's not a "hair clip" either. Perhaps "stretchy hair accessory" (if you know what I mean in Chinese.. haha. sounds really silly.:upsidedown::lol:)
  9. Your rock comment just made me almost spit out my water (graduate school is slowly making me insane, as you can see...):lol: This type of hair elastic is not terribly common in America. (However, where I live, it's about as common as the regular O-shaped hair elastic.)
  10. Actually I totally know what you mean, I think it's hilarious when things get poorly translated. Like, instead of "Watch your step" the sign will read "Take care of your slip". :lol:
  11. BUMP! i was just reading a blog entry about hair bungees. has anyone else used them? i need to order more goody elastics and was thinking about doing the bungees instead. how durable are they?
  12. If they are the ones mentioned above, I grew up in Taiwan and my mom used them in my hair ALL THE TIME AND they broke ALL THE TIME. But then again, they were the kiddie ones with the panda bears and the flowers, so they probably weren't of the best quality.
  13. I just use the stretchy small thin hair bands from Goody (or similar brand) with the metal connector... most have no metal now because they believe it snags but I don't feel like they hold as well!
  14. For any ladies looking for these- I saw that my local Sally's has 'em.