Does anyone use

  1. I never buy stuff from there and probably never will but in the bag giveaway thing I won a 10% code...

  2. bluefly is a fav for me because I found two great can be hit or miss at times..but in general I LOVE IT
  3. Bluefly is sort of bittersweet for me. Whenever I'm in the mood though, I like to go through the tons of stuff they have, and you can usually find some good stuff! However, there's a lot of complaints of inflated retail prices in their attempt to make themselves look better. But, overall, it's a good site (fun games all the time, too!).
  4. Yeah I've noticed the false retail prices before too...
  5. anybody run into a fake purse on bluefly before?
    sometimes i fell like the price can be too good to be true.
  6. Bluefly sell only authentic items, so the chance of coming across a fake from them would be pretty far out.;)
  7. I like Bluefly. Depending on how I'm feeling, sometimes I feel like a Bluefly addict because I can spend hours and hours going through their items. And they add new things everyday. Pretty time-consuming. Their shipping is fast, and I've never had problems returning anything to them. One of the problem I think is that because they have so many different designers, the sizes vary ALOT! So, if something doesn't fit, I return it right away.
  8. just got dolce and gabbana jeans from them yesterday.
  9. YES! I bought 2 bags from them, returned one, and will get another one tomorrow.
  10. I've got a few Gucci bags from them. I didn't notice the price inflation (at least not on the ones I bought) since I checked Occassionally they send me 15% coupons and those are really great. I've returned things to them and had no problems. Love the wide variety of things they have.
  11. I use them all the time. Great items and great return policy.
  12. I was one of their first customers way back when. At that time you couldn't find the things online that they had.

    I do check it out regularly but for some reason most of what I've bought there goes back. I wanted to love them but don't like the very old stuff at still-high inflated retail prices, Chanel for instance. Also, Bluefly has an unpublicized policy of banning orders from people who return too many times, bizarre for an online retailer. So I may get banned someday.
  13. I just bought a BCBG dress from them yesterday.
  14. I really lucked the tessuto night from prada which is still out..and the dior key pouch that i got was a great price...they completely underestimated how much the retail was (which, from what i remeber from elux, was 175) i only paid about 75
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