Does anyone use Biore facial products?

  1. How do you like it? I have combination skin...which products would be good for me? TIA
  2. I got a free bottle of their shine control moisturizer when I bought some nose strips. I thought it was rather perfumey smelling. It didn't do anything special for my skin so I gave up on it after a few tries.
  3. I just bought Biore's Pore Minimizing Gel a week far it hasn't worked at all. I haven't exactly given up yet though, it's a bit of a disappointment, I haven't found any results yet.
  4. pore strips, but thats about it~
  5. Since I am a complete makeup and skin care junkie naturally I had to try this line out. :p Their products look so pretty because of the nice green packaging and what their products claim to do. However, they don't work. At all.
    Their pore strips worked for me but I think they are a little harsh to use on the face so I just use Queen Helene's Mint Julep Masque for any blackheads. Works great, I must add.

    I remember really loving their triple action astringent for the smell and the cooling feeling afterwards, but as an astringent it didn't do anything.
  6. Like the others I've only used the pore strips. I think it works well for me. As for the other facial/moisturising products they offer, I have yet to try them.
  7. I like the pore strips too, but you have to be careful with them. I trim them before I use them so they don't stick to the delicate skin under my eyes. You need to wait till they are completely dry (they get kinda hard), then peel them off SLOWY or you could damage your skin. If they don't come off easily enough- or peeling hurts, use water to loosen their grip. Do not put a pore strip on skin with a blemish or wound or any sort, it will cause more harm than good!
  8. I used Biore's cleansing oil in the past (it worked fine for me) and I currently use their SPF 48 facial moisturizer (it comes in a little blue bottle with a white cap). I have no complaints about those products, since I found that they did what they were supposed to. However, I think the stuff that I tried from Biore is only available in Asia, so the American stuff might be different.
  9. I used their pore control moisturizing lotion with SPF 15 and after a week of using it my skin would sting pretty bad after I put the lotion on. So I stopped using it right away.
  10. You ladies might laugh, but I find that Elmer's Wood Glue works better than the Biore strips. My friend told me about it, and I tried it. It removes way more blackheads than the strips. So, I stopped buying the strips. It's not as harsh as it sounds. It's like when you were a child and you let glue try on your hands and peeled it when dried. It doesn't remove skin.
  11. As a matter of fact I am waiting for the glue to dry as we speak! I'll post back if it works out well :biggrin:
  12. ^^I'm curious as to how much glue you put on? thin layers tend to stretch when you pull them off so I wonder how any of the blackheads stick to it...
  13. I have used the Biore skin preservation microderm abrasion scrub and I REALLY liked it. I have oily skin and it worked really well.
  14. I personally love Biore for the price it is. Obviously there are better products out there, but since I can't really afford to spend 40 dollars on a face wash, Biore is the next best alternative. The only complaint that I have is that it's really not great for someone with anything more than mild acne, when I used to break out really badly for no reason, I had to switch to other brands, but now that my acne is mostly under control. I've switched back again.