Does anyone use Amore Pacific?

  1. I just received a HUGE face cream sample from Amore Pacific in the mail. Last week when I went to NM they also gave me a sample of the eye cream. I've been using Revive products for a while and wonder how these compare.

    Opinions anyone?
  2. Well, nobody responded to my thread but here it is 3 weeks later and after trying the Time Response skin cream and Time Response Eye Cream I've noticed a HUGE difference in my skin/wrinkles.

    I know this sounds weird but I do! Even my husband noticed today at lunch. I'm not sure what makes this such a great product. I've used La Mer, Revive, Bobbi Brown, La Prairie, ... This is the first one that has really made a difference.
  3. I've never used Revive, but I have a tube of Amore Pacific that I pat on wrinkles--is that the time Response cream? (I'm traveling right now and forgot to pack it so I don't know the exact name) I think it's helped a little but the wrinkles are fairly deep. I didn't like La Mer at all--don't understand the fuss about that product.
  4. Hey, are you having fun on your mini trip! I know you will next week when you are in Chic. at the BV show!!

    Yes it is the Time Response Cream. I cannot even begin to tell you what a difference it has made. I actually have pretty good skin for being 43 but my skin just seems smoother and much, much softer.

    If you are in Chicago go to the NM on Mich Ave. Ask for Courtney Mettelman. She is fabulous. I'll PM you with more info.

    Revive is nice for a while. Full of alpha-hydroxy and that is a bit hard for my skin to take in the winter.

    La Mer is just plain smelly to me. I don't get the fuss either.
  5. Thanks, Maxter. I'll definitely stop there and will prob. buy the eye cream. One of the things I like about the product is that a little goes a long way.
  6. A little does go along way. And I like the little spatula thing they give you. I hate using my finger in my creams so I usually take a bunch of stir sticks from starbucks and use those. I can't stand the thought of germs breeding in those jars. I'm weird.

    My husband said today "hey, all the little crow's feet at the outer corners of your eyes are gone!" Not sure if is the lighting but he never notices anything!
  7. Oh, I didn't even realize Amore Pacific offered cosmetics in the US... i've used beauty/cosmetics products from other brands under the same company (Laneige, Iope, Mamonde etc.), and I think those are mostly sold in Korea and neighboring Asian countries. generally, i love most of the products i've tried.

    thanks for sharing your thoughts on these... my mom has been looking for wrinkle creams. i'll suggest these to her!
  8. I am happy to come accross this post. I received samples from AP and was very disappointed how long it took to get shipped to me. Because of that, I will not purchase from them. The Time Response cream felt more like a lotion but my skin did feel soft. I ued to use Revive also. The formulation is totally different but I was very happy with it. Now, I am using Cellcosmet which is formulated in Switzerland. So far, I am happy with the moisterizing results with it and just love the luxury quality.
  9. I love Amore Pacific Time Response, it is the best skin care product that I have ever tried, and I agree with the notion that La Mer is just over hyped. Do you know that La Mer actually touts itself for having the same formula from the 1950s when it was first created, how do they view this as a good thing. Don't you want modern day technology applied to your product in order to improve it. But La Mer feels that their product is already the best it can be. Weird. But I love Amore Pacific!! And they are so generous with samples, whenever I go to BG or NM, I always get tons of samples from the SA without even asking for them.
  10. Isn't it nice to get samples to try?!:yes: Especially with a higher priced product, you want to try before investing a lot into the full size. To me, La Mer feels like an old-fashioned heavy cream, so it's interesting that the formula hasn't been updated for so long! I need moisturizing, but it's just too heavy for me.
  11. I just started using the Time Response Ampoules. After using them for one week (it is a 4 week program) one of my girlfriends asked if I had been botoxed! I'm taking that as a compliment!
  12. I totally agree - the samples are so nice, and the SAs are always very generous. I have found that with other high end cosmetic brands, it is like pulling teeth trying to get a sample.
    Oh, I'm glad that you are trying the ampoules, you will have to let me know the result at the end of the 4 weeks. I recently received the ampoules as a gift for participating in a focus group that Amore held. I haven't opened the box yet. Have you ever tried the Bio Enzyme or the Line Modifier - I noticed an immediate difference in my skin after using those products. Be sure to always wear sunscreen!
  13. how do you go about getting samples? online? or do you have to go to the counter at NM? ive never seen it at my local NM (san francisco)..
  14. I don't think all of the NMs have Amore Pacific yet. Call the NM on Michigan Avenue and ask for Courtney. (312)642-5900 Ext. 3016. Tell her you are a friend mine (I'll PM you my info) and see if she will mail you a sample. Maybe you can buy another cosmetic item (not necessarily Amore Pacific) and she can do it that way for you.

    I have recommended TONS of people to her and also people on this forum. Boxermom is also a user.
  15. WOW - how can I get on one of the focus groups!

    Yes, I love the Bio Enzyme product! ITA about the immediate difference.