Does anyone use a "Purseket"?

  1. I'm always digging for things inside my bags and someone suggested one of these Pursekets. I looked at them online but would rather hear from others what their thoughts are on them. I'm also not sure which size to get. My most frequently used bags are my LV Almas. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. I actually prefer the Chameleon Insert. My Purseket tips over all the time and I'm always a little worried that the velcro will catch or tear the lining of my bag.

    The Chameleon Insert is like a little nylon bag with many pockets and different compartments. The medium is my "go to" size. I like that it has a bottom and will help protect the lining of my bag. I'm probably not making much sense, but here's the website purse organizer-pockets for everything (I think that's it, if not, try taking the "s" off the end).

    I have a large size too, but don't think it's as versatile or user-friendly as the medium. If you get a large, I'd recommend removing or replacing the "stiffener" because the black cardboard stuff will rub off and transfer onto light-colored linings.
  3. I apologize, but I do not quite understand a purseket. Does anyone have photos of their purseket in action? From first mention, I do not believe that I would be that unorganized to have to use one, but maybe I am missing something?