Does anyone use a purseket inside their Tokidoki?

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  1. Just curious to see if anyone uses a purseket inside any of their tokidoki bags. I was thinking about getting one for my BV but wasn't sure what size to get and wanted to get a size reference.

    If you have one, I'd love to know what bag and what size purseket you use... Thanks!
  2. ok i'm a dork, but what's a purseket? lol
  3. a whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? lol.
  4. lol umm I was going to ask the same thing .. what is a purseket? :shame:
  5. A purseket is an organizer for inside your purse. Looks like more trouble than it's worth.

    I just use Caramellas to organize. They are cuter :smile:
  6. wow sounds so fancy for an organizer!! lol.. does anyone have a picture? never seen one before!
  7. At the risk of sounding rude.... try Google.
  8. ohhh gosh i dont think i need a organizer thingy inside my's ok lol.
  9. none taken! :p i did google it after i my first post.

    hope that link shows ok.. yeah, i like the caramellas still! =) just my preference
  10. I use a purseket for my LV Speedy and it helps keep the bag from looking too saggy so I was wondering if it would give tokidoki bags more structure, esp the larger ones. Its actually nice for when I like to switch out bags but I was just curious to see if anyone uses them and the size =)
  11. do the pursekets run in varying prices? maybe i should try one! i see what you mean nakobear, easier to switch from bag to bag..
  12. ooohhhh so thats whats it is!!!! I heard someone using a canguro for an organizer.
  13. wow, i never heard of a purseket either, but i think they're really cute
  14. Oooh, those are cute. Would anyone know which size would go in a Mamma Mia? Small or Medium...I think I'm going to get one! Pursekets rock! :rochard:
  15. I have a few pursekets that i had put into MY LV and Balenciaga bags. I have put the smaller sized one into my tokidoki and it worked great. Heres a link to the purseket site