Does anyone use a heart rate monitor when they work out?

  1. Just wondering if anyone use a heart rate monitor or one of those watches that tells you how fast your heart is working? My trainer said I should get one to be able to monitor if I am working hard enough, just wondering if I should get one & if I should get a cheap one or an expensive one.
  2. Nope. If I'm doing the cardio machines, I can just grab the handles and it will tell me my heart rate.

    I am interested in the Polar watch though. Someone said (think it was Swanky) it can also tell you the calories burned. I dunno where to get this though.
  3. The machines at my gym never provide you with the correct heart rate, that's the problem:sad:

  4. Yeah, some of the machines at mine are wrong too. There are few when I was dripping in sweat, running like a mad woman, and it shows my heart rate as 64?? wth?
  5. I don't my DH does. He has two different kinds. One is a chest band thingy and the other is an arm band thingy. They're both made by Polar.
  6. Yes, I have one and I love it. It makes all the difference, and it's a good investment.

  7. i don't but i can tell if im getting a good cardio workout
  8. i usually just grab the handles for the heart rate too.
    but i guess if you are serious about constant working out, getting one seems like a good idea.
    the ones at the gym goes all weird and stop detecting sometimes.
    i exercise once in a blue moon so i am putting up with those at the gym :p
  9. I have the Polar F6 in black and it's great! I got my heart rate up to 170 today and burned over 540 calories in an hour. :smile: It also keeps all of your workouts on memory so that you can track your stats.
  10. If you like to workout then you should definitely buy a heart rate monitor. It will absolutely change the way you work out. I love mine and never workout without it.
  11. And always buy the best you can afford comfortably.
  12. i use a HRM everyday at the gym. Mine is made by Nike, and it's great. It tell you what heart rate zone you are in, how many calories burned, heart rate, etc. It is so much more accurate than using the handle bars at the gym.
  13. I'm thinking of getting one of the Polar ones. Are these things really accurate and are good investment? I exercise 6-7 days a week nowadays and am seriously thinking about getting one of these.
  14. I just ordered the Polar F11, I will report back if it is worth it & if it works