does anyone use a campeggio to carry their laptop?

  1. after searching the forum, i haven't yet found a first-hand account of a tPFer using her campeggio as a laptop bag. the cucciolo and trenino seem to be the more popular choices, but i'm infatuated with the inferno print, and an inferno cucciolo or trenino seem to be rarer then snowballs in hades.

    i wondering if the bottom can handle the weight of laptops (<7 pounds) and all that jazz. thanks to anyone who can offer info!
  2. ive yet to try it..

    7 pounds is heavy to carry in a campeggio i think.. but i mean who knows
  3. I've carried my 12" MAC Powerbook in my Inferno Campeggio without a problem. I only did that for about a month, now I carry it as a work bag that I rotate regularly with other bags.
  4. I don't think it's the weight as much as the size. If you happen to have a cute *little* laptop it would probably fit. But if you have a normal or large siz\ed lap top it won't work.

    I have a regualar sized laptop and once I put it in a neoprene sleeve to protect it it just fits in my Cucciolo.

    The zippers are the problem, they don't open the entire width of the bag. So even though the measurements of the bag indicate something larger might fit, it depends on how much twisting and turning you want to have to do to get it in.
  5. I agree - my 13 in macbook fits well inside a campeggio, but not sure how a larger laptop would bode.
  6. My husband bought 3 Campeggio's with nothing to put in them, after alot of research he found only a handful of Laptops would fit, so now he is obsessing on a new 13 Inch MacBook. He even wore his empty bag in to the mall to make sure it would fit. Ha HA HA
  7. too bad my laptop isnt small enough to fit in a its heavy too..might just break my bag :push:

    aliby422: your hubby is too funny :lol:
  8. the 15.4 macbook pro fits. against all odds before i bought the bag, it fits nicely.
  9. Remember when talking about laptop sizes that there are two ways of describing the size.... the "official" size which is the diagonal diameter of the screen and the "real" size which is how wide the laptop really.

    My PC is a 15.5" Toshiba... but it's really only 14" across.

    And there is also the question of whether you want it protected inside the bag. Since the tokis have no padding, I bought a neoprene sleeve (< $20) to put mine in before I put it in my Cucciolo.

  10. haha i think it's so cool that your husband owns a toki!! :tup: what print does he have for his campeggio?
  11. He has an Inferno, Pirata, Spiaggia. In search of the Playground Black, Citta Rosa & Foresta. He Pre Ordered a Transporto & a Tutti the other day. LOL It's really cool he very supportive and is into it also so it makes it fun. He even bought me my first bag!
  12. OMG that is so awesome!!! Especially since he loves all the prints!! I would think that most guys would be turned off by Spiaggia and Citta Rosa. Your husband gets a :tup:
  13. Just thought I'd officially report that my 15" G4 Powerbook (NOT Macbook) does NOT fit in my Inferno campeggio. :sad:

    I DID have a sleeve on it though since I take ridiculously good care of my computer. :smile: The zipper scraping the aluminum would've given me the heebie daba jeebies anyway.

    *sigh* I may have to cave and get a Cucciolo in some print or wait patiently for a Transporto Trenino! :biggrin: