Does anyone understand this bag?

  1. I am not "getting" the weird pocket on the front. It looks like a tennis racket case or something. There is a zipper at the top of it, but is it open one the end as well? I am inexplicably drawn to the rest of the bag (don't care for the H), but this pocket is just odd.
  2. Is that a Hogan bag? If so, I read something about how they were inspired by tennis this season. They have a satchel that's cute and the outlining of the bag is "inspired" by two tennis rackets...
  3. Yes, it is Hogan. I have seen the satchel is almost a tennis remake of their motorcycle bag from a few seasons ago. I totally love Hogans (have four so far). I am just not sure about this front pocket.
  4. Tennis Anyone???

    Not for everyday use....!!
  5. lol, it's a funny looking bag isn't it. it'll probably look better with the tennis racket inside it but only if it's in that compartment at all times. :weird:
  6. I am a tennis player and a fan Hogan bags, but this bag just does not do it for me. :wacko:

    ETenebris- I'm always drooling over your yellow Scout! :love: