Does anyone treat their Hermes bags with leather or suede protector?

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  1. Fleur de Lis, I grow orchids and the cymbidium is one of my favorite types of orchids (see photo)

    LOL, I also agree about fearing the Hermes police. I have no qualms about waterproofing my high end leather shoes, and have never had any problems with using such products on leather, but when it comes to H bags, I keep hearing "DO NOTHING, TAKE HER IN TO THE SPA".

    If I were to get caught in a rainstorm with a boxcalf bag and see those first blisters, though, I might er...have a heart attack and re-think non-treated leather.

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  2. I understand that Meltonian is just for cleaning/rehydrating... that's what I use it for (thanks to HG!!!!)
  3. Hermesaholic, does the leather oil you mention actually waterproof the bag?
  4. Cym - I knew the name had to mean something pretty. I have a scarf which looks exactly like the picture you posted when it's folded because the orchid is in each of the corners. Same color, too. Good luck with the waterproofing!

  5. not specifically--i was told it cleans, moisturizes, and when the pores are saturated with oils--water and stains are repelled

  6. The rough side should be oiled not the smooth side.

    Oil will make the leather very soft...never overdo it though..

    Follow up with Meltonian on the smooth side.
  7. Cym,

    Hermes recommends the products of a company I think they own, and they should be able to answer every one of your questions. They are in England, but they will ship directly to you so you don't have to hunt down American distributors. And wonder of wonders they answer email. They are John Lobb Ltd and the email is I think - I was upset about something that was going on in another thread last night and this information just didn't percolate to the working part of my brain. If you come back to read late posts I hope this helps. I'm sure it will, actually. If there is something safe to use, they'll have it.
  8. I was tramping down Sloane Street yesterday in London , it was pouring down with rain, I actually had to visit Chanel to collect one of my bags

    Walked past Hermes whose usual shop is being refurbished, smiled and waved at the manager as I went past

    Was wearing my box calf black favourite kelly , rain did no damage but Celine the specialist there had recently polished it


    I personally know that Hermes will refuse to polish if they feel the bag has been treated incorrectly
    so for me its yearly spa
    And RAINCOAT!!
  9. that's one of my favorite products -- doesn't it smell divine?? like freshly baled hay. :heart:

    here are some pics of the whole hermes leather care line, with the exception of the saddle soap which is a jumbo glycerine bar.

    the tall can contains oil -- "huile pour sellerie" -- that i use on barenia and veau naturel. since these are saddle leathers i treat them like a saddle, which means a good oiling when new and then only once or twice a year. i use this on both sides of the leather if it's not lined, with a heavier application on the rough side. this stuff is particularly good for reconditioning barenia -- i have a couple barenia bags that i found used on ebay, and they looked a little rough when they arrived. a light oiling and a lot of elbow grease made them shine. literally -- it did wonders for the patina.

    the short can is the baum renovant, which is a fabulous conditioner. i use it every couple months with a tack sponge on the saddle leathers -- the consistency is thicker (about like crisco in the can), but it gives a lighter conditioning than the oil.

    then there's the 'lait nettoyant' which i think means cleansing milk, though it's really more of a conditioner than a cleanser. it seems to lift the surface dirt and gives a light conditioning. it's lighter than the oil and the baum, and i find it to be perfect on box leather and my croc malette. it's also great for keeping your shoes looking spiffy.

    i got these when i got my hermes saddle, and have found that they're the best products on the market -- so i use them on my shoes and bags as well. i don't really have a schedule -- i just go by how they look or feel. too much conditioning or cleaning is not good, so i use them all very infrequently.
  10. Thank you DQ!!!!! Thank you!!!!
  11. Can all of these be purchased at an H store or SOed DQ?
  12. my pleasure, luv2 -- i haven't heard of the product you mentioned, but if it's working for you i wouldn't worry about using it. i always try things first on the bottom of a bag, so if i don't like the way it looks, only ninja sue (:P) will be able to see it.

    sus, you should be able to SO any of them, except the baum -- apparently there's a minute amount of a petroleum product in it and it gets flagged as a potential terrorist mailing. i haven't forgotten about sending you some of the oil to try -- but i still haven't been able to figure out WHAT to send it in. :confused1:

    it's nice to have all these, but for bags and shoes i think just the lait nettoyant would do nicely. unless like me, you like to oil saddle leathers -- then you'd want some of the oil. (i love the way they look afterwards.)
  13. What is that gorgeous barenia thing in the pic, DQ?

    As for sending oil ---- you could use one of those little bottles that shampoos in a hotel come in... or something like that.
  14. i always knew you were a genius, hello!

    that's not barenia -- it's veau naturel that's been oiled with hermes saddle oil. and it happens to be a saddle bag ('sac a sellier'), with the clips on the bag itself so you can remove the straps and clip it to the d-rings on a saddle.

    or add the straps like a backpack or a shoulder bag. see how it's contoured to fit against the horse? (sides are peau porc)

  15. DQ if I ever make it to your neck of the woods in Alaska, please allow me to visit you, I am drooling over all the cool horsey stuff you have! And the horsies of course!