Does anyone treat their Hermes bags with leather or suede protector?

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  1. I found out about a leather potector called Apple Guard (forgive my spelling, but the bottle is packed up for our move). I heard about it from a woman who bought a Vuitton wallet from me. We were talking about how much we love the natural vachetta, but how it's so easy to mar, even conidering the patina it gains. She heard about Apple Guard from a very established Ebay seller of Vuitton, etc. She said she had been treating her vachetta with it ever since, and it was great! I tried it, and I have used it ever since to protect the vachetta on my few Vuitton collector's pieces. They have have not darkened nearly as much as they would have without the treatment! I have not dared to treat any of my Hermes. (I have a naural vache Farmer's Market basket that I have not worn yet, because I'm afraid of ruining it...:wtf:) So, my long winded question is....has anyone heard of a treatment that's "approved " by Hermes? Does anyone treat their bags to anything other than the spa? Thanks all!!
  2. Just curious--was this a stupid question? I do understand about the quality of Hermes leathers--skins--but was this a stupid question that does not deserve to be answered? Or is it that nobody "treats" their Hermes with anything themselves?
  3. I Know DQ oils and conditions her saddle leather bags (Barenia & Vache Natural)

    I have heard that crftmans sa don't treat it...but I have also heard the craftmen saying as long as the treatment is not permanent, then you should be fine.

    My understanding of Apple Guarde is that eventually the waterproofing wears off, so it is not a long term solution that alters the bag...

    After a very tragic mayonaisse incident involving my Barenia Picotin, I am very tempted to treat my Vache Natural Vespa.

    I actuall might bring in my Vespa to be treated....but to a professional...

    Wanna be the guinea pig? (If you try it ...let me know your results!
  4. OMG!!! Mayo on your beautiful Picotin!!!:wtf::crybaby:I think I may try the Apple Guarde on my vache natural farmer's basket when I get the nerve....
  5. ^^^

    Yes...I can't talk about hurts too much...but lets just say...a chicken sandwich and bumps on Rt. 322 don't mix......
  6. :Push:
  7. ooh, sorry to hear QM, *hugs*!! I've had bag accidents myself and I know the pain...

    Luv, not a stupid question. Some of the gals use clear meltonian on their bags or areas of their bag. If i remember correctly, HG herself does so. Haven it got any or I would try it. That's good to hear that apple guard is great on LV. If you search on apple guard, I believe it's been recommended on this subforum before.
  8. My H leather specialist says simply a damp cloth and wipe gently
    she insists I put nothing else on my bags, but just let them have there annual spa
    I would be too scared to put any product that is not totally natural on hermes leather

    she also said a good quality face cleanser creme is ok for spots
  9. Me too luv2shophandbag! I don't want to touch my H bags! To be on the safe side just take them to the boutique.
  10. Hi, Luv2

    No, it's not a stupid question. I use a Meltonian cream on a plume because my rings scratch the top of the bag whenever I reach inside. (The top of the plume stays in the closed position when it is unzipped, and I keep hitting it.) The cream erases the ring marks. I use a very small amount of cream, though. If you apply more than the minimum I think it can sit on the surface and build up.

  11. sorry but laughing my you know what off!
  12. I have leather oil that I purchased FROM hermes myself: its called Baume Renovant for use on saddle is an Hermes product wth their name and logo on the can. I have used this on my box leather and porc bags
  13. I have also used Meltonian shoe cream in neutral, but I don't believe this waterproofs the leather...

    I'd love to think there was some way to waterproof boxcalf!! Anyone tried?
  14. Cym...what does your name mean? It sounds pretty...I have box leather. For non-Hermes polished calf pieces I don't hesitate to use wax polishes, and water just beads on the surface, no problem. I'm afraid to use them on the plume, mostly because if something went wrong I wouldn't want to have to face the Hermes police. You polished our bag? No birkin for you.
  15. Could you post pics? I am curious!

    I am also curious about whether the right side should be oiled or the left side (the rough one... that wouldn't be possible on lined bags).

    Has the oiling altered the feel of the leather? Has it become softer? Did you polish?

    Questions, questions....