Does anyone tie scarves on the handles of their bags to prevent patina?

  1. Sorry, all, if this has been asked before...I want to try to avoid getting so much hand lotion on the handles of my mono Speedy 35 (I have reallllllly dry hands so I probably put more lotion on them than the average person LOL).

    Has/does anyone tie scarves around the handles of their bags to prevent/delay the patina process? Thanks so much for any responses:yes:
  2. I heard some people do this but I don't really know how exactly. A pix would be great..! :P
  3. interesting idea, yeah i would like to see how it is done!
  4. Me, too!! LOL

    Pics PLEASE someone!!!

    You will be our hero:smile:
  5. I tie a scarf on the handle of my speedy. When I pick it up, I wrap the scarf around both handles and carry it. I just purchased scarves in different colors. That way, the scarf always matches my outfit. Sorry, my digital camera no longer works.