Does anyone tie scarfs to their Bbags?

  1. I would love to see how they look! Please post pictures or comment! Thanks!:smile:
  2. I've done it. But can't post pics until monday...hubby is around !:p
  3. ^^^Send him on some errands!:lol:

    What scarves do you put on your bags?
  4. Can't help you with this one Zac - I'm a purist...nothing gets attached to my b bags :smile: . I like them naked............
  5. I always get tempted to tie a scarf to my Bbags! If I buy an expensive scarf I want to make sure I would use it.
  6. It's 8 in the eavening over here...dinnertime and mum is on the computer...:shame:

    I don't do it much since it reminds me of the 80ties, but usually Hermès!
  7. Sometimes I tie an Alexander McQueen skull scarf to it, but I think I prefer it nakie
  8. ^^ ditto :p:heart::graucho:
  9. That's what I'm considering buying! I like mine naked but the scarf looks cool on it too! Someone please post a picture if you can.
  10. Thanks LP!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!! The black and white scarf looks so cool on Chauss' rouge vif bag!!!!!!! Don't you think????????
  11. Carrie Bradshaw I do that too! I love my black city with skulls hanging down
  12. I think its a gorgeous idea.. cant wait to see photos.. ladies.. please :smile:
  13. its a cute idea. I want to do it too. :yes:

    Would it be cheesy to tie scarves like this on the bag?
  14. jem~ I think it would look great! Those sort of remind me of Pucci scarves in a way. Very pretty!