does anyone this one?

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  1. i just bought a small tote from the boutique and it's unfortunately called small tote. not much creativitiy there.

    the leather is smooth, not caviar or lambskin. it's rectangular, about 3 inches wide, more handheld than a shoulder bag (shoulder if you're thin or not wearing a winter coat). mine is black but the diamond stitching is beige, and the cc's are matching beige/gold. the gold double zipper goes down either side of the bag. it retails for 1850. does anyone have this one? i don't have a pic unfortunately, and it'll take me a while for a pic on my own camera to download.
  2. I've seen the ligne w/ contrasting stitching, I actually found out the Ligne name and posted it somewhere.
    You could try and search for it{?}
    If it's the same, try searching "Samantha" from SATC, she carried a flat tote I think.
  3. thanks swanky... but i did a search, and it wasn't it. i'll do a forum search now that i have time since my kids went to sleep and see if something comes up.