Does anyone think this Juicy bag is cute for spring?

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  1. Does anyone think the Juicy Couture floral Michelle bag is cute? I usually don't like Juicy bags but I think this one is pretty. I think it would be cute for the spring and summer- like with a dark brown tank top and jeans or a denim skirt? Its only $175- and its pretty big, too 15" by 11". I might just preorder one from Saks.

    juicy bag.jpg
  2. I like the color but I don't really like the flowers...kinda like the dior the flower thingy....
  3. I think its adorable!
  4. It's super cute, I was thinking about buying that very bag actually ! ;)
  5. OMG! I was thinking of doing the same thing. I think it is very very cute
  6. i think its really cute for spring...i was thinking of getting it but i'm just debating how much use i will get out of it... lol
  7. It's cute, but not my style.
  8. Actually, I think Juicy has a great new line of bags - This one is too young and cutsey for me - but for a feminine young girl, it's right on!!!
  9. It's very cute! Probably a bit young for me, but definitely cute.
  10. It's cute but I don't like the tassles on it.
  11. I think it's really cute. It is one of the only Juicy bags I like actually.
  12. I think it's adorable! It would be great for casual summer outfits!
  13. I love it, and normally I don't like their bags, its so pretty!
  14. I do like it.
    I just wouldn't carry it. Not my style.
  15. i say, go for it! the embroidery would be adorable for spring!
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