Does anyone think this is cute?

  1. Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and designer bags in general. I saw this on Craigs List and I was wondering if anyone likes it? I think it is pretty cute but not sure if 1) the price is reasonable/what I should counter offer. 2) if it is considered a "nice" marc jacobs. If that makes sense! Do you think I should buy it? It seems as though it is authentic so I am not too concerned about that but if anyone notices anything "off" pls let me know! Thanks!
  2. This wristlet was recently on sale on Smartbargains and since then there has been a number that has popped on eBay. I think it went on sale on Smartbargains between $70-80. I think its a cute bag, something nice to spice up your outfit! :smile:
  3. Yes but I think is fake -
  4. As far as I know MJ does not wrap the zippers on paper - he uses plastic - MJ does not use plates with his name on the inside of the bag. This is my opinion. Why dont you check this web before paying some huge money for something that is not authentic.