Does anyone think that the Damier Speedy is dressier than the Mono Speedy?

  1. Hi
    Everyone has commented that the mono Speedy goes with everything...Do you think the Damier Speedy is more suitable for work, special occasions, etc.? Just wondering. I think it is probably more for fall/winter, but I was so excited about mine that I had been wearing it alot. (except when I went on vacation, then I took my Speedy 30 in mono. Did not want the bf to see this one yet. and wanted the my bag to match my keepall (which strangely, he has said nothing about.) Anyway, give me your thoughts, please. Thanks.
  2. No, I don't think so
  3. The Damier is a classic pattern and I think it goes w/ everything! From casual jeans to work wear. If I had one.. it would compete w/ my mono bag.
  4. I think it's a little more conservative and appropriate for things which call for professional dress.
  5. I think both are absolutely timeless and really do go with everything so I had never considered one dressier than the other. Definitely the Damier is more understated and less recognizable to the average eye than the mono.
  6. I think both canvases are equally flexible. "Dressy" to me makes me think of an evening bag, something flashy or luxurious. I think of damier as being a beautiful, sturdy, brown bag that can go anywhere.
  7. sometime I think it's perfect for more polished look although I carry it even when I wear short .
  8. Idk if i would say the Damier is more dressy
    but when i was going back and forth between the Damier and the mono I was told by a friend who is in her late 40s that she thinks the Damier is very mature looking
    and that in her opinion it was even to mature for her
  9. Yes, a little dressier, IMO.:yes:
  10. Yeah..both go with everything for every occasion, but I think the Damier is a little more understated because you don't really know it's LV until you see the teeny "Louis Vuitton" in some of the squares.
  11. Thanks for the input...I think I am on the right track, then. I have used this for work with nice slacks with blazer and skirts and fitted dresses.. (but more structured). My flouncier prairie, relaxed things I wear with a slouchy, bag. I think that it is a more mature pattern, but it is my intention to use it for years. It looked OK with a slim khaki skirt and polished top. I did see someone wear one with jeans;
    if I did this, it would mean that I didn't have time to change my bag. Well, you know all know how it is, when you get a new bag, you wanna show it off! Thanks again for your input.
  12. I see mono as more casual...
  13. i would say that damier speedy is more on a conservative side whereas monogram is casual and an all occasion look.
  14. I still love the's vachetta thing. I have seen so much of the monogram, real, fake, etc. it was good to be able to carry a bag and not have the whole world staring at it. I agree that the mono somehow looks more casual.
  15. I think it's a little more conservative. Infact, a SA told me that the Damier was the original Louis Vuitton bag, not the mono.