Does anyone think paypal and E bay exchange personal information

  1. Just wondered what anyones thoughts are with regard to privacy between E bay accounts and Paypal

    As E bay own paypal I think they do share information , personal account details etc, which is just a bit scarey

    Does anyone know if this is the case???
    I mean I have been told E bay place cookies onto your computer which gives them a huge amount of information as to what websites you visit etc etc, sort of a big brother cookie on your Pc telling them so much about you

    If this is the case it would really make online fraud as bad as it is at the moment
    any views???
  2. A good friend of mine works at eBay Phoenix, and she said yes, eBay and paypal share info. It doesnt bother me though.
  3. eBay owns PayPal. Whether or not they share info, I have no clue. What info are you talking about?

    Doesnt bother me regardless.
  4. doesn't bother me either. I think they're sister companies too.
  5. Cookies don't bother me. If they bother you, you can always delete your cookies from you computer. Almost any commerce site we go to use cookies (from Amazon, to Ebay, to Automotive sites, etc)
  6. They may bother you if you get your account hi jacked as I did, and lost over 400 uk pounds

    Thats why I asked the question, do you know that e bay know everything about you from a cookie, they know when you log on to your computer ( not there site) they know all the sites you visit,
    you should have a look at this

    There a big brother type of clandestine organization very scarey, government agencies have no control over there practices at all, and there is no recoure for you if and when you loose money unlike the high street

  7. I understand what you are saying and understand your fear.

    But I guess due to my line of work (jobs I have had), it really doesnt bother me.

    I take precautions in everything I do in life.:yes:

    Even this site puts cookies on your computer, unless you tell your computer to not allow them.;)
  8. Yes I have told my computer to not allow e bay cookies and double cllick
    you are wise