Does anyone think it's inappropriate for the pope...

  1. To wear Gucci sunglasses, Prada loafers, and an iPod? :oh: I don't know, maybe somebody can come up with a legitimately good reason why it's acceptable for a pope to care about these kind of material things (I can rationalize an iPod, can't for his love of designer duds).

    This is *not* a criticism to Catholicism, I spent several years of my childhood at a Catholic church. Just a disclaimer. :amuse:
  2. Maybe they were gifts, and he dosent know the difference? :smile:
  3. i think it's inappropriate...isn't one of the things you do when you become a priest take a vow of poverty? gucci sunglasses aren't exactly poverty...but neither is a mercedes popemobile (i may be mistaken, but i think it's a benz). wouldn't the money be better used to help the poor? i dunno, maybe i'm out of line (wouldn't be the first time, lol).
  4. Man, when I think about giving a gift to the pope, I think about giving him a rare or early-edition copy of a book he loves... heck! Even a box of chocolates!

    But "Holy Father, please enjoy these $500 Italian loafers?"
  5. I'm not sure about inappropriate, but I think it's kinda strange. Funny, too :lol: I'm imagining the Pope jamming out to his iPod, while wearing the Gucci sunglasses :lol:

    I guess I think it's a little strange because clergy live such humble lives, it does seem weird for the Pope to care about material things.
  6. Yeah, I guess I haven't been a fan of this pope from the get-go. Oh well! Can't win 'em all.
  7. But "Holy Father, please enjoy these $500 Italian loafers?"[/quote]

    :lol: LMAO:lol: :lol: :lol: :biggrin:
  8. I find it sweet. If I can enjoy something nice- without falling into the trap of materialism, than why can't the Pope?
  9. I think it's fine. My father, who grew up poor, always said "buy quality - because it lasts longer." And I'm sure that's part of what attracts many of us to high-end goods. If you amortize the cost of a "luxury" item over its lifetime, in many cases it's probably equivalent to a number of similar discount items.

    Also, remember that the Pope lives in Vatican City, which is surrounded by Italy. Gucci and Prada are just the local vendors. I suspect that almost everything he owns has been a gift, and perhaps even from the company or craftsperson who made the item.

    As for the popemobile, a big part of that is a safety issue. Besides, who'd want the Pope to be driving around in a 1971 Ford Pinto that was subject to breakdowns?
  10. Well, he is in Italy and he is wearing Italian brands. I don't think it's a big deal.
  11. I would imagine they are gifts from loving members of the church,this pope has a very loyal following. But, not all priests have to take the vow of poverty, depends on the order they belong to. I am Catholic,and I knew a priest that drove a sports car . He seemed to be very interested in helping the poor,he just liked a nice ride. Just depends,I guess.
  12. That pair of loafers looked great on him. Just because he is a Pope doesn't mean he can't wear certain things.

    To us maybe Gucci & Prada means something but to him it could be just things.
  13. I agree that Gucci, Prada and other Italian brands may not be as big of a deal in Italy as they are elsewhere. I am fine with the pope wearing those brands. I also think it may be one of the PR strategies for the Vetican City - haven't they been accused of being out of touch and falling behind?
  14. AgreeeE..! n maybe the ipod is filled w church-songs such as agnus dei & sanctus :amuse: ? i think its definetely fine.

    but cant deny that :
    But "Holy Father, please enjoy these $500 Italian loafers?"[/quote]
    is really funny :lol: lol.
  15. I dunno....the Pope was stylin' in those red Prada shoes :lol: .