*Does anyone think I'll still be able to get hold of something in vernis Mashmallow?*

  1. Hi everyone!!

    As you all may or may not know, I'm pretty new to the world of Louis Vuitton, but ever since I saw pictures of everyone's marshmallow goodies it's made me hungry for some of my own :drool: Since it was discontinued a while back I was just wondering.....does anyone know If I'll be able to track any marshmallow items down in the UK? (There's a really nice Thompson St on eBay that someone recently posted....but it's located in the US :crybaby: )

    TIA :idea:
  2. I really doubt you will be able to find a Marshmallow piece... but it wouldn't hurt to call your local LV boutique and ask to see if they could possibly locate one for you? :smile:
  3. Doesn't hurt to ask or look around!

    Just be careful with the Marshmallow & color transfer. I've got a Vernis piece in Peppermint and it's very prone and sensitive to it
  4. Well, you're looking for a discountinued color. When they pop-up in pristine condition, what's a girl to do??:graucho:
  5. i like the way you think pinki!...:p
  6. Marshmellow pops up quite a bit on eBay