Does anyone that purchased the "Sac Louis" regret the purchase ?

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  1. I have been invited to the presentation of the Sac Louis for next week. I was wondering if anyone that purchased this bag has any regrets of buying it, or spending that much money on this bag ??
  2. I don't have the bag (let alone be offered it :P ) But from everything I've seen on here, all the ladies have loved theirs! I say go for it if you love it in the store! :yes:
  3. I personally wonder if the Sac Louis has been offered to any men on this forum... :thinking:
  4. Hmmm. That is a good question! I guess if a guy was a big enough spender he might just ask to order one! Are you suggesting you'd like one, OnMyMiNd? :graucho: Let me know if you do! (I like your Beaubourgs in your avatar, btw!:nuts:)
  5. I got an offer - but im assuming my wife would take it if i did bite the bullet
  6. I was offered the Sac Louis but decided against it. I must admit I am now considering the Haute Maroquinnaire made to order as you can fully customise this one whereas the Sac Louis comes in about 4 choices of colour and that's it. The prices are pretty similar but because of all the choices of leather finishes and colours the MTO can come in about 40,000 different options so the chances of seeing someone with exactly the same as you is remote. You can choose the exterior and interior leather finish and colour, the hardware and as with the Sac you also have your name inside.

    But saying that the Sac is lovely so it's a very personal choice as they are very expensive so you really have to love it to go for it. Go to the presentation and see what you think. Good luck.
  7. i agree, haute maroquinerie is much much worth it

  8. Please, forgive my ignorance. What does it look like?
  9. I would likely buy it if I could afford it. I think the Sac is beautiful and the exclusivity of it just makes it better. I would love to go to a presentation, but alas haven't been invited to that party.
  10. You're welcome! Isn't that a gorgeous bag? But $8,000...? I think I'll take jewelry instead!
  11. I am not a fan of this bag in my opinion it looks elderly and very dull. I would rather have an exotic LV like the croc Speedy or honestly anything else. I know LV was going for classy with this bag but to me they missed the mark it is something I would imaging my granny carrying. I would go for a SC bag or a Classic lamb skin quilted Chanel or the LV North South bag. I think LV was trying to create a "Birkin like" exclusive bag but I don't think they did a very good job, the bag looks quality and the leathers are nice but it is not innovative IMO it just doesn't pop and have that chic look like Balenciaga, Prada, Chanel and McQueen etc. I do not own coach but this bag reminds me of that one popular coach bag styleI do not know the style name but it look a lot like the LV bag leather and all.
  12. But anyone with the money can buy the HM vs the SL is invite, right? I have a SL presentation in about a week so im trying to go in with an open mind, but can anyone give a better reason NOT to get one?

    Birkins are a dime a dozen, the SL is not- but to most, the SL would look like a fake if they didnt know better- i wasnt even in the market for an SL until i got the invite and now im trying to reason why to get it- but the Haute M does bring an interesting point- cuz one would still be able to customize a LV and have their name and everything-- so yeah, HELP!
  13. The price had gone up. It's about $14,000 for calf leather now. I personally rather have something more durable. The style is not really practical for me. I've been invite more than once, but I just couldn't get myself to order one even though I could afford it.