Does anyone talk to their LV SA about tPF ?

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  1. We all talk about our SAs here on tPF, but have any of us done the opposite and talked to our LV SAs about tPF?
  2. I don't have an SA. :cry: But I've heard people here mention that some SAs know of tPF and that some have even been members!
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    Yes i have. In fact my SA goes on here :smile:

    We just both thought it was so funny that we both go on tPF
  4. Yep, I have. she laughs and says that we often know more than she does. :smile::smile:
  5. I've been contemplating talking to my SA about tPF... I'm just afraid they'll think I'm some weirdo lol.

    To those of you who have talked to your SA about tPF, how was it brought up and what was their reaction?
  6. I don't have a boutique closeby, but when I travel and go to one, I have chatted to SAs about TPF. Only because I check on a lot of bags when I visit and they are surprised that I seem to have a PhD on LV bags :biggrin: So out comes my TPF background :biggrin:
  7. I do, and she always wonders how everyone on tpf knows everything before they do.
  8. I have, and I brought it up because I said that we would like to do a TPF meet here. And he was so happy and excited.

    My SA is the store manager and he is the best. Andy if you're reading this: I:heart:you
  9. Yes! They always ask what the Ladies are talking about on TPF, especially after the runway shows.
  10. Never have talked about tpf with my LV SA... I think it's because we're always talking about other things... And she loves to talk to my fiance so I am left to toy with the bags & things while they chat it up.

    I did talk to my 2 Chanel SAs about tpf though. Very odd responses from one from the Chanel boutique about tpf and another from NM was very interested in all things that go on here. That was how the SA from NM started spilling the news/rumors that go around in her store to me! haha...
  11. ^^LOL I wonder if the SAs think we're complete dorks in here? =]
  12. See I don't think the Chanel boutique SA realized how much information we get and then pass around. When I mentioned some rumors to her, she kept speaking in a condescending tone and dismissing them as just rumors with no basis of truth! But they turned out to be true! I can't wait to go back to her in October after yet another proven "rumor".

    But this isn't about Chanel.. haha... sorry to get off topic.

  13. That makes sense. They wouldn't know unless they actively participated in tPF, anyway. I'm sure they like to keep their "secrets" lol :graucho:

    Not a problem at all! I don't have any experience with any brands outside of LV, yet, so any input is good input. =D
  14. The SA's at my LV will sometimes ask me what tPF is saying about a particular bag, etc.
  15. I don't have an SA too and I never talk about tpf when I'm at the boutique either.