Does Anyone Take Vytorin or Any Other Cholesterol Lowering Meds?

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  1. Hi guys. I'm 41 - probably need to lose about 25 pounds and live a relatively-easy life. It's not without stress (I have four kids) and I'm a bit of a control freak. I am prone to anxiety attacks and I'm a bit of a hypocondriac (well, just worried all the time about every little pain)....but anyway, for as long as I can remember, my cholesterol has NEVER been below 200, even when I was in my early 20's...and I weighed like 35 pounds less then! My Mom had extremely high cholesterol (over 400) and was on meds, as well as my Dad is currently on them as well. So it DOES run in my family. I absolutely DO NOT exercise nearly as much as I should. I never go to the gym - but I'm never sitting still....well, except when I'm on TPF and that's too much. I should get out and walk - do SOMETHING. Anyway, my cholesterol was at like 262 and my HDLs (the good) were too low, my LDSs (bad) were too high. I DON'T have a sweet tooth, and know the drills about olive oil, fats, you name it. I know. I even drink my two tablespoons of flaxseed every day....but today my doctor mentioned going on Vytorin because it's probably heriditary (my Mom also died from a severe stroke last year and my Dad's already had a stent put in his heart for blocked arteries)....

    I guess I was just nervous about going on it because I barely take Tylenol when I have a headache. There are all kinds of ideas on how to beat cholesterol naturally, etc., and that's great. I know I need to get out there more and just exercise - and my doctor's not even all that concerned about "weight numbers"....just getting your waist circumfrence down because that's what does it. I know there can be side affects, but he said that they're rare - and frankly, the other option for the side effects is dying of a heart attack or stroke, so he thought it might be a good idea for me to do it. He put me on the lowest possible dose of Vytorin because he said that's a pretty strong med. He was going to do Lipitor, but I mentioned that I liked the way it didn't allow the body to absorb the cholesterol so much.

    I'm so afraid I'm going to hurt my body by taking this!!! But am I doing more harm in not?
    My BP is normal 110/70 - my heart rate is good....I don't know what else to think....

    Any advice????
  2. I'm not a big fan of presciption meds, but if it's heriditary, then maybe it's a good decision?

    Also, a lot of people use fish oil and red rice yeast and have successfully lowered their cholesterol w/out prescription medication.
  3. I would agree, especially when your BP is quite normal, I would go down the dietary route first of all, be especially careful of hydrogenated fats. I dont know if its the same in the US, but in the UK GPs have very little nutritional modules in there training. I would try to speak with a nutritionist or dietitician on how on how to lower your HDL and increase your LLDLs in your diet. My mum has a very high cholesterol level, im a vegetarian although mine is normal for now, my mother went on to Cholesterol lowering meds last year and had an awful lot of problems, including liver damage, not only that, as soon as she had to come of the tablets the level shot back up, not as high as it was but very much above the norm. I really think that medication should be your very last option!!:heart:
  4. jchiara - I am in the same boat. Have you had the Berkeley Blood test done yet?

    My father had quadruple bypass in his 50's, and my mom, although healthy has high cholesterol too.

    I have never eaten meat, eat alot of soy protein, don't do hydrogentated oils, exercise daily, and still have the bad cholesterol at the unsafe mark.

    Since I have never had kids and don't know if I will one day I have stayed away from the rx meds - but, eventually I think I will have to get on them. I don't want to wind up like my dad!!
  5. The bushel basket of assorted pills I take every day includes Lipitor, I haven't had any problems from it, and an argument could be made that I don't really need it, especially in light of the dramatic dietary changes I made after my diabetes was diagnosed.

    But my doctor has this thing, he wants diabetics to have cholesterol levels as close to those of a healthy 18 year old as he can get them, so he insists that I take it, it's a very small pill, and just once a day - almost a treat!
  6. I take a low dose of Lipitor daily. My HDL wasn't high enough so I'm now taking Niacin, the non-flushing kind (OTC) and it's worked like a charm as long as I take the Niacin with food.

    I KWYM about taking meds--I don't like it either. You just have to weigh the pros and cons.
  7. Sigh. I google too much. Cholesterol meds can make your muscles ache...your liver bad....I'm sick. But again, I'm weighing the pros and cons. From what I gleened from my "research" the dosage of 10/10 is the lowest possible dose, so that's good. I just don't know why there are sooo many different kinds of meds. I mean, Lipitor, Lopid, Plavix, Crestor, Vytorin, it's insane. And they all say "they're the best."
    All I know is that tonight I have a tummy ache. Okay, I've ONLY BEEN ON IT TWO DAYS! (:p) and I'm SURE it's from the ungodly amount of brocolli I ingested at dinner (:wtf:) but now I'm paranoid. My hands ache - but that's because I'm on the computer too damn much!!!! :rolleyes:
    I'm only 41 and I HATE that I have to take anything. I have a friend my age and she's got a pill box with about 13 things A DAY! Now if you have a chronic condition, i.e. diabetes that's COMPLETELY understandable - but she was like I have my cranberry pill, my calcium pill, my Wellbutrin (:push:smile:, my Herpes pill (:push::push:smile:, my multi-vitamin, my allergy pill, OMG. I barely can remember to take my Centrum.
    I guess I just want to hear that it's going to be okay? Maybe?
  8. It's going to be OK. Do the Lipitor, it is about the most basic one, the one that insurance companies are most likely to pay for, and one of the older ones, so if people who have been taking it since its inception should start dropping like flies, that will occur sooner than it will with the newer ones, and give you a heads up.
  9. Heee heee!!! That's funny!! :tup:
    My doc prescribed that Vytorin, only because I mentioned that before meds, my Mom had almost 600 cholesterol and my Dad's is high. So it's obviously a wonderful family-inherited trait and this Vytorin does something to help the liver produce LESS cholesterol! So that sounds interesting. I've been taking also 2 tablespoons of flaxseed meal a day to help...the only problem is that I've blown up like a balloon I think from all this fiber. I need to drink more water. I feel like I've gained like 5 pounds overnight! :wtf: