Does anyone take Spirulina supplement here ?

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  1. Hi girls,

    I was in the supermarket earlier today and came across this supplement and came home and googled it. Apparently its like a natural multi-vitamin and functional food that also aids weight loss. Has anyone taken this and do you have any reviews ?

    Thanks girls.
  2. It's supposed to be good for you but I dunno...I know someone who believes that taking algae tablets gave her hyperthyroidism.
  3. Spirulina is a green superfood. I buy in powder form and mix it with my raw vegetable juices. It is great for you.
  4. I have them in tablets. I don't know abt weightloss, but it has helped me become regular. I did notice though, when taking them before meals I get full quicker!
  5. I usually make spirulina smoothies and mix it with fruit juice. I dont know about weight loss, just helps me keep my nutrients up.
  6. Where do you guys but it? I would like to try it out. I have been looking into it for some time now.
  7. I buy mine from the supermarket, its everywhere in NZ. Your best bet is probably a health food store or a pharmacy?
  8. I used to take it, its basically just rich in nutrients. I don't see how it could help weight loss.
  9. From what I know about it, any weight loss is just placebo.

    Vegans often take it because it's hard to get B12 if you're vegan, but it's questionable whether it actually works well for B12.

    It's mostly protein and vitamins, so it's pretty healthy as long as you don't overuse it. Remember that overuse of supplemental vitamins can cause kidney stones.

    You probably want to talk to a dietitian to ask your question though, not random people on the internet.
  10. I'm going to give it a go for a month. I figure if it doesn't aid in weight loss it will be just as good as a multi-vitamin anyway.