Does anyone still wear bootcut?

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  1. I have a pair of skinnies I like and a pair of trouser leg jeans. However, I still find I like bootcut. What do you guys think? Are they in style?
  2. ME!!!!! It's actually the most flattering cut for most of us.
  3. Bootcut Girl over here.

    Skinny jeans and my booty are not compatible:yucky:
  4. Absolutely!! I would NEVER EVER wear tube/cigarette leg jeans. I have big huge fat thunder thighs and boot cut is the only cut that is really flattering on me!
  5. Yup. I alternate between skinny and bootcut. =) Just bought a new pair of SFAM bootcuts actually!
  6. I still love my bootcuts!
  7. I only have bootcut and trouser leg jeans....I refuse to invest in skinny jeans, you have to be skinny and narrow to pull off the look imo and this baby has back!!
  8. All but one of my jeans are bootcut or have a very slight flare.
  9. I still have bootcut... with my hips and thighs thats a definite.
  10. I will never stop wearing bootcut. It's wonderful to wear everywhere!
  11. ITs all I wear when I wear jeans!
  12. I still wear bootcut. The skinny jeans are not very flattering on my apple bottom and size 10 feet :wtf:
  13. I do!!
  14. i wear both skinny jeans and bootcut jeans...depending on my mood.
  15. Although I love skinny jeans I will still wear bootcut. It depends on the rest of your outfit, shoes, handbag.... I love fashion:heart: