does anyone still use these chanel? Any regrets buying them?

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  1. i wonder if any of you bought the cambon line in pastel colours with the contrasting cc's - do you still carry them? or do you think they ve had it.

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  2. I don't care for this line at all.
  3. well somebody must have bought them as they were VERY popular at the time. come on girls own up...
  4. I have the large bucket tote in black with black patent CCs. I love it still and use it alot in the summer. I don't really care for it in the pink or tan though. I think the biggest con that people may mention with this line is that it was copied ALOT and there are lots of fakes out there, especially with the contrasting CCs
  5. Not the pastel's but I bought the Black w/ Black Patent for my DD, she is 22 now and still uses it :yes:

  6. I think the black /brown ones are a different story as they are more classic looking.
  7. I don't anything from the line but I still like it. I prefer the dark brown and black over the pink though.
  8. These line was majorly counterfeited
  9. i got the beige with the black CC (right picture in the orinigal post) shortly after it came out. I tried to carry it through the the ridiculous copies popping out everywhere and all, but eventually i retired it and i havent taken it out of the bag in a couple of years..... so sad....
  10. I still have my medium cambon tote in the beige, I bought it when it first came out ... I still like it! It's not tan, it's actually a pretty classic shade of beige. I admit I haven't used it as much but when I do, I still think it's a pretty bag! I know it's been copied to death but honestly all those fake cambons are so easy to spot (ie. wrong material, wrong CC's, wrong handles, etc.) ... I don't get worked up over fakes as long as I know mine is the real thing!
  11. The baby pink would never be me but maybe it would be nice on someone else with the right skintones/hair colour/wardrobe.

    I have the med tote in cream with the snake CCs.

    I love the bag for Summer hols and Summer occasions. It's SSSOOOO light and holds so much for the look of its size KWIM.

    Real Chanel bags, of any sort, are not supposed to be tossed away like yesterday's garbage.

    I noticed that the discontinued colours are getting good money on re-sell sites.

    Classic flaps have been copied for 30 years and my Cambon is not fake so why should I care or worry about anything that happened a few years ago.

    Go with your heart.
  12. I used to have a Black Cambon Pochette with White CC's and I loved it. It was very cute and the lambskin leather is gorgeous! I used it so much and eventually let it go to a new home! I still think about it but i'm trying not to re-buy bags lol!
  13. the reason I am asking is because I saw a lot of them on ebay, and a post under the LEAST USED bag award. Personally I am not fond of the big cc and can't imagine how you wear it. I am willing to be persuaded though if you have any stylish pic / outfit combinations with these. :smile::nuts::graucho: I agree that the fakes look nothing like the real bag though, which in all fairness is beautifully made!
  14. I'm not fond of large CCs myself.

    I swapped my GST and PST because of the huge logos.

    The med Combon tote with the 'snakeskin' in either the cream or the olive doesn't draw attention like the black on pastels.

    I usually just wear it with a floaty dress if it's hot (short or very long) or do that casual glam late-'50s/early '60s vintage-style separates in the summer (nothing too done-up). Looks cute. :sunnies

    If I get time I'll try to take pics but I'm working all this weekend and I have lots of photo promises to keep first :shame:
  15. Exactly! I agree :smile: