Does anyone still have a Vert Gazon Day with GGH?

  1. I know this is kind of a unicorn because of the Katie Holmes picture, but I wondered if it was still possible to buy this anywhere?
  2. As far as I know, Katie was only photographed that ONE DAY wearing it ... so I guess was just a St. Patrick's day thing for her. Too bad we can't get her to sell it to us, huh? ;)
  3. Ha ha- I KNOW! It's upsetting because that's not at ALL the reason I want it. ;)

    I'm a huge bold green fan, the Day is my favorite style, and the giant gold offsets with the color perfectly! Oh, and I just recently discovered B-Bags; hence my delay in purchasing.

    If I could just find one......
  4. try eBay or realdealcollection... that bag is extremely hard to find now... good luck though!
  5. Thank you! Is there a link for realdealcollection? I tried googling it but didn't get anything except a couple hits from here.
  6. It's ... but she doesn't have it right now. You can go there and torcher yourself with the beautiful photos of the one she sold recently, though. ;)
  7. Oh, ugh. I went there. I tortured myself. :p
  8. I know I need to get some rest now after seeing how I spelled "torture" ... lol ... how embarrassing! ;)
  9. Try calling Saks in Boca Raton Florida..I could have sworn they had one a few days ago
  10. I called- thank you! She does have a City with GGH (in "bright green," she didn't know what the colors were called) but no Day. Still.....tempting.... ;)
  11. Flatflux...your perfectly stunningly, gorgeous collection ALMOST saved you from that one! But you recovered so quickly, it's almost as though it never happened....

    But not KWITE!!! (:graucho:)

    Sorry...back to topic....
  12. Last time I checked at Blake in Chicago they had one. This was like last week. They are an authorized Balenciaga retailer and will ship. (312) 202-0047
  13. Harvey Nichols in London had 2 VG Hobo's with GH a few weeks ago.
  14. Thanks cut me too much slack...but I appreciate it! ;)

    Blake in Chicago? Wow...this is a new one on me...never heard of it! I think it needs to be added to tPF's list of authorized retailers.

    Also, are you sure it was the Day and not the hobo? Better call quick, aerynna!!!
  15. Fiatflux and Sandywu- you ladies ROCK! Thank you SO much!

    Sandywu posted the golden information, and then fiatflux (this is SO nice) called and put it on hold for me so I wouldn't lose it! I called, and sure enough, it's exactly what I want, and I NEVER would have found it without you ladies!

    *group hug!* LOL! :okay: