Does anyone still get their hair permed?

  1. I can't decide what to have done with my hair this time, and I'm really tempted to go curly.
    I'm not talking tight curls, I'd love it to look like Geri's (pic) but can you get loose curls like this put in your hair permanently, and how much upkeep is involved in having hair like this? ? I'm very much a "brush and go" girl in the morning! :shame:

  2. Yes, you can get a chemical perm, but I would'nt advise it unless you have thick hair and it's long. It can look really terrible if you don't have a lot of hair since the perm makes your hair kind of clump to make curls.
  3. Hmm, I have permed, long, thick hair, and I go to Hong Kong every 6 months and have it done there. I believe it's called a "digital perm." I don't know the specifics of the perm or why it's called that. We have hair salons in San Francisco that offer them, but I love my stylist in Hong Kong! The perm that I have makes my hair more wavy/relaxed curl. The ends aren't curled in and the top isn't permed at all, I think that would make it look quite dated.

    I like having permed hair because of how easy it is to take care of. I used to be late to work every day because of my hair texture, I have naturally semi-wavy hair that I used to iron straight every morning. Ever since perming it 2 years ago, all I do every morning is shampoo, condition, scrunch a bit of mousse or glossing gel and go! I'm out the door in less than a 1/2 hour! I can post pics if you'd like. Sorry for the really long reply, but I hope this helps your decision!
  4. One of my friends, who's Korean, gets what's called a "body wave" on her long, thick, straight hair. It looks *gorgeous* on her. But, like Fenix pointed out, it's best for women with thicker hair. I saw a similar procedure done on a woman with blonde, baby-fine hair, and it just kind of looked messy...
  5. I got mine done a few days ago. It looks like this:


    I wash it with a gentle shampoo, put in lots of conditioner. I apply some mousse to my damp hair and let it air dry. I think it's best to wash your hair in the mornings (I used to do it in the evening) because it looks very frizzy right after I've woken up. The moisture gives the curls some definition.
  6. Thanks for the replies ladies :smile:

    I have dark brown hair that is past my shoulders at the moment. If I wash it and just comb it it does have a very slight wave, but as soon as I brush it it goes straight again.
    I think I might go and get a temporary one done to see if I like it?
  7. Not a fan of any kind of perms. Don't they still leave a nasty smell after you get the process done?
  8. They do, until you wash your hair.

    Maybe you should have your hair set in rollers at a salon so you can see what it looks like. (I don't think there is a temporary type of perm??) If you have your hair just washed and set the curls/waves usually last for a day or two.
  9. That's what I meant yes :yes: Better get booking!
  10. I would not recommend perming your hair. I had it done once and it totally ruined my hair and the perm didnt even turn out nice it was a huge frizzball! Just use a curling iron instead or hot rollers
  11. I agree with couturefemme, try to find a salon that ddoes digital/ceramic perms! My mom's friend got it done here in LA so I know it is available in the US. I got mine in Hong Kong as well, and it looks so good! -- it looks as though you always have your hair done :smile: Except, I don't use mousse after I shower, I use this thing thats a "curl enhancer"...anyways, you should SO get it, I'm sure you wont regret it.

    THe diff between body wave perms and digital is that digital perms produce loose curls, while the others give you wavy hair.

  12. P.S. find the thread called Perm for Asian hair? or something like that.. there are a few pictures of digital perms