Does anyone still carry their Kate Spade nylon?

  1. I got a large shopper for a bargain ($80) in pink nylon. I've never been a Kate Spade fan and I can't decide whether the nylon is passe or whether its a classic standby.

    What do you think?
  2. Wow that's a great deal on a large shopper! Congrats! :yahoo:

    And I don't think nylon's passe.. I've seen a lot of girls on campus use kate spade diaper bags as totes for their books. It's convenient, easy to clean, and it's cute so I personally like them! :smile:
  3. I use my nylon backpack when I go power walking.
  4. I like mine but I don't ever use it since the corners are so pointed they bang my arm and HURT!
  5. I still use my small KS nylon when I go out.
  6. i use my ks messenger for school/work. it's just so practical and durable!
  7. The only nylon I use is on my legs. I like other Kate Spade bags, but I'm not loving nylon bags period.
  8. same here not a fan at all :yucky:
  9. i think theyre cute!
  10. LOL - although I don't like nylon on my legs either :yes:

    For me, Kate Spade is like Coach - it's a nice bag to start out on when you're getting into designer bags, but there are so many other ones out there with more interesting designs/better quality finishing and material.
  11. I still love my Kate Spade nylon bag, I still carry it (very often). =)
  12. I had the nylon backpack, I didn't like much, I gave it away.
  13. Yes, I love all my KS nylon, but I consider it seasonal and only carry it in the non-winter months. I've also got a few boarskin leather KS bags, and they are wonderful for fall.
  14. I love all my KS nylon bags. I find them durable and quite easy to take care of. Not high maintenance at all.
  15. The nylon KS ones I've seen got really worn out really fast and I therefore assumed they weren't very good quality. I don't know if that's true or not.

    You got a wonderful deal on a fabulous pink shopper so enjoy!!