Does anyone still carry their GST?

Does anyone still carry their GST?

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Oct 30, 2012
I was wondering if GST owners still carry their bag? I'm contemplating getting one. I see it may be a nice bag with 2 kids to carry our items. I've done quite a bit of research here on the forum and I see some have sold due to slouching and annoyance with handles.

Can you give me your feedback if you are a current or former owner?



May 3, 2014
By far the one of the biggest handbag mistakes I have made in 2015.

I still love the classic look and style of the bag though.
I have been collecting Chanel for a long time and always passed on the GST to as it was a "classic line" and I could buy it any time I wanted.

But the news rolled out and everyone was freaking out and some of my friends even bought 3 and 4 to keep them in closet stock.

I am not a push-over but since I always thought about buying the bag, I decided to get the last one Hirshleifer's had in their stock.

Since my purchase, I have used the bag maybe 4~5 times which is very rare in my case. I find the bag to be a bit bulky and the shoulder straps don't quite stay well on. I also find the open top a bit scary as I like to be secure of my belongings, just a personal matter.

I offered the bag to my daughter but she didn't like the look of it either, so I don't really know what to do at this point.


Jan 17, 2011
no, ever since i had my first child, my shoulder totes have been sitting in my closet. i can't carry too much baby stuff in my gst as i'm have ocd when it comes to caring for my leather bags. plus, the weight of the bag including the chain makes it hard to hold my son with the gst.


Jun 12, 2014
Toronto, Canada
I still love love love the look of the bag, and I tried to like using the bag so hard, but it's just not working for me. I figured maybe b/c I'm pretty slim and have narrow shoulders. It's very bulky for my body frame and the straps are a big problem for me.

I see a few GSTs become "flat" with years of use, I actually prefer that, the opening is narrowed due to the pressure from your arm, so the bag is no longer bulky, and stays better on shoulders.


Mar 15, 2014
I loved gst especially if I don't want to bring my son's diaper bag.. it fits whatever I needed for the day without overstuffing it.. I used it as well when travelling.. I don't have problem yet with sagging.. at first the handle bothers me a lot since it keeps falling but I was able to work around with it..


May 27, 2012
I like totes, so for me I love the bag. I take it for work mainly, and it does have a zippered center for any wallets, phones, etc if you worry about the open compartments not being secure for valuables. It is heavy(not as heavy as jumbo or my lv artsy), and my shoulders are notoriously bad for bags staying put and this one absolutely will not stay on my shoulder. I prefer carrying in the crook of my arm anyways.


Dec 13, 2014
I love my GST :heart: I've never had any issues with sagging or strap annoyances, but then I rotate my bags daily and use when it fits the occasion
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Oct 9, 2016
Wow i'm glad I found this thread now. I'm purchasing a preowned GST and intending to use it as a work bag, pretty much at the final stage of the transaction. Now I'm nervous if I can make use of it much. It's at such a good price range and seems practical too (in caviar and with the compartment divider). Weight was the main concern for me as I have quite a petite frame.


Feb 11, 2014
I have beige with gold hardware and I love the look. It does slip off my shoulder which is annoying, actually even stranger one strap seems to stay on pretty well and one falls off. I'm not sure I would buy it again if given the choice but since I have it I use it as a casual tote that I can quickly fill up and go, I even wore it on a plane recently and had to put it in the overhead which was super annoying. I wear my Hermes Evelyne more often, it's a different look but a more practical cross body that is very very functional.


Oct 25, 2011
I never had handle issues and in almost 3 years of owning it, no slouch. I'm carrying mine today. Still love it.

I carry mine on the shoulder pushed back (not under my armpit). I suspect that's why it stays on my shoulder and I have no slouch.


Always Be Thankful
Jan 3, 2008
I still carry mine occasionally but certainly not all the time. It is a beautiful chocolate brown that I purchased 8 years ago. It still looks perfect and I get tons of compliments on it whenever I wear it. I love having one in my collection though so will probably never sell it. It is a classic, after all.
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Feb 27, 2007
Austin, Texas
I have a navy GST with GHW and it is one of my most carried bags. I love the size and the style. It fits my Macbook and all of my "stuff" and looks put together. I love totes and the open top does not bother me. In fact, my latest purchase, a Birkin, is open all the time because it is much easier than dealign with the straps.
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Oct 9, 2016
I never had handle issues and in almost 3 years of owning it, no slouch. I'm carrying mine today. Still love it.

I carry mine on the shoulder pushed back (not under my armpit). I suspect that's why it stays on my shoulder and I have no slouch.
That's awesome to hear that you still love it! can you please take some mod shots of how it sits when carried on the shoulder pushed back? Thank you!


Jul 26, 2013
I love my GST and use it for work days when I don't need too much. It's perfect because of the security compartment (zippered one) and it fits my MacBook Air and 8x11 papers and folders. I also have had mine for a couple of years and so far no problems. It wears well so long as you take care of it (I always have it stuffed when not in use). I don't find it heavy at all personally (but that depends on what you carry in it) and haven't had issues with it falling off either since I too wear it pushed back.
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