Does anyone still carry their Cherry Blossoms?

  1. I just bought one on eBay because I've always wanted one (the Papillon) but I was thinking how I never see anyone carry these anymore....Is it considered outdated? I'm just having that post purchase nervous feeling, I guess!
  2. I still hear of people carrying them around still.

    No LV line will EVER be outdated!!! If it is considered to some, so what? Just as long as YOU like it, that's all that matters! ;)
  3. ^ i agree. i still see a lot of people wearing it out and about....esp the pap style and the pochette styles!
  4. NO WAY...I carry my papillon!!! IMHO they are more of a fun summer bag and they're that is probably why you don't see them a lot.
    And you won't see HOllywood stars carrying them..because yea...for someone being photographed everyday you can't be seen in something you carried 4 years ago (well...unless it's an Oskar LOL)
  5. Outdated?
    What's that?

    I don't care what others do, If I like it's in to me and thats what matters.
  6. ^ what she and john 5 said!!
  7. I certainly don't see it as an outdated piece. IMO it's so limited that you just don't see that many people carrying it around. I saw a woman at the mall a while back with one and I almost tackled her for it. :lol: LV's are timeless and it is certainly still a head turner.

    Not to mention when you spend that much money it should be because you want it not because others deem it the "got to have" bag. Rock your new to you bag in style and congrats on being able to get one!
  8. I love that print... its on my to buy list
  9. I totally agree with Twiggers, I carry my Papillon and love it just as much as the day I bought it from the boutique! I also think that the line was so limited that this is the real reason that you rarely see the CB line out and about, there just are not that many of them around! Welcome to the CB club, you won't regret it, they are stunning IRL!
  10. Outdated? No way! Not with the number of fakes I see walking around and still being sold on the streets of Manhattan. The CB was -- and still is -- wildly popular. So no, it isn't outdated. It's a classic. And I wear mine year-round, whenever the mood strikes.
  11. Thanks! I agree with everyone's thoughts on this, but I just get nervous after I spend so much money, that I will use and love the bag.....I'm excited to get it! Now I'll just be nervous that it is really authentic. It better be!
  12. Oh, and I forgot to mention that it's New In Box, so I didn't want to pass it up.
  13. I recently got all 3 Cles and the pink pochette (I already had the brown/pink pochette I got when it came out) and I've been using the pieces nonstop! They're so fun for spring and summer and I'd love to get ahold of a red/creme pochette and Pap. It's one of my all time favorite lines!
  14. I carry CB Retro. I love it .. I have the papillon bought almost a yr ago and i havent used it. But i love the CB line
  15. no way!!!! if CB is outdated, then twiggers will be sad!