Does anyone steam their face???

  1. It seems like all my friends complain about their skin/nails, feet...ect.... yet most are not willing to take a few minutes for upkeep. I mean not using creams between manicures, not big on body lotions and no deep conditioners for their hair.
    I have a home favcial steamer and feel that this is one of the best products for your skin. It takes about 15 minutes and you skin feels and looks great. It is also good to use with sinus problems, there were days when I used it 3 times a day when I was so congested. My friends think I am crazy. I am a body lotion queen who loves all sorts of different smelling moisturizers.....I just ordered some Jo Malone ones and can't wait.
    I love my heating cap to deep conditioner my hair. I don't know anyone who does this execpt my one friend from high school and she can't live without hers....
    So does anyone take the time to do beauty rituals that may be seen as time consuming by others??????
  2. Hey, I have a face steamer too! Sometimes if I'm too lazy to drag it out I just steam my face in the sink.
  3. I don't have a home steamer but I do enjoy that when I get facials! I have fair, sensitive skin so I try not to do anything too much other than exfoliate, cleanse, moisturize and a little eye cream at night.

    My obsession is with hair products...shampoo, conditioners, styling products. As you can see in my profile pic I have thick, wavy hair which is a blessing and a curse. Every day it does something different and I'm always experimenting with new products to get it smooth and shiny!
  4. I do it the ghetto way...boil a pot of water, get a towel and drape it over my head, viola!.. steamer for my face!:wlae:

    I do that twice a week, and it works great!
  5. I have this really inexpensive facial membership so I get it done professionally once a month. But I try to do it once a week as well. As for my rituals that other people dont understand? I think extractions. But you just reminded me I need to go moisturize.
  6. is this the same as sitting in the steam room at the gym?
  7. Sometime I wet a washcloth and squirt just a bit of Dr. Bronners peppermint soap on it. pop it in the microwave for about a minute (not so its too hot that it would burn) and lay it on my face until it cools. Feels GREAT... hhmmm maybe i'll do one tonight!
  8. I do this too, except I'll add a little loose leaf tea to the water as well. Also really good for de-stressing after a long day spent running around in the city exposed to pollution and toxins.
  9. I do the washcloth in the microwave thing. Everyday. I wash my face with Amore Pacific Treatment Cleansing Oil (which is not oily at all). Then I steam. Then I tone. Love it. Sometimes if I need a pick me up I'll do it again later in the day (if I'm not wearing make up!)
  10. I've never even thought to steam my face. Hm, I must try that.

    I'm weird. When I was about 10, I asked my mom to buy me this expensive paraffin wax deluxe spa for Christmas/my birthday. Needless to say, the temperature was always too hot for my little kiddy hands so I packed it away and never used it again. I totally forgot about it until yesterday, took it out, melted all the wax down and viola, instant paraffin wax hand/foot dip. That costs at least 15 dollars at the salon I go to and I can do it for free so it's nice. But then again, I never moisturize my feet and they need it so bad...but I'll go and do something that takes more time like dip my hands in wax and then stick them in bags for 15 minutes to lock the mositure in. Odd.
  11. I do!!!! I am obsessed with products and I am a perfectionist, so I like learning how to do beauty related stuff myself.

    I do my own mani/pedis, spray tan, facials and hair coloring. I've gotten really good at it and it saves me money that I can put towards purses :yahoo:

  12. So do I!! To further elaborate, I am a huuuge fan of face creams, body lotions, and the likes. I'm always giving away half-through bottles and tubes.
  13. now that we are on the topic of steamers, which one do you have or which brand would you recommend : )
  14. Good reminder to start steaming my face!

    I use bodylotion every day. It really does make a difference. Your skin gets so soft! :heart:
  15. I guess steaming is good for opening your pores so any treatment afterwards penetrates better ? what do you use/do just after steaming ?