does anyone speak german?

  1. i don't know a single german word except for bless you. how do you even spell that? no idea.

    anyway i had this dream last night and i woke up with the word vizemut stuck in my head. i don't even know if it's a real word at all. 6:30 am i wrote the word down.

    i've never heard of this word before ever, and again i don't know any german at all.

    so with this word i looked it up on google, found out it's a german word, and went on to find out what the translation is.

    and this is what is tells me:

    vizemut- pinch me so i can wake out of this perfect dream.

    i'm not kidding.

    so is this true? what the word means?
  2. Vlad does!
  3. Oh that is so creepy Fayden!

    BTW do you remember anything else about your dream?
  4. Fayden, I studied German but I don't know that word. That is very strange!
  5. i do speak german but i do not know that word. strange well the first part vize equals to vice ut then the mut i am clueless
  6. it's funny because in my dream the word vizemut meant something else. it was more like an article of clothing. hahaha. but i don't really remember much about my dream other than that. it's really annoying how easily we forget dreams.
  7. Gesundheit

    I'm fluent in German, but I have never heard of "vizemut". You sure it's not "Vizemutter" which means like "vice-mother" - which I would assume to be like dunno. An article I read had to do with Falcon's and a "Vizemutter", which is like a second mother. Same thing with "Vizepraesident"...Vice president :smile:
  8. I think it is German for "Fayden needs a straight jacket"

  9. Hahahaha... Vlad is Mr German... but he doesn't call himself that- he is Mr Czech but speaks german. I know some german from Vlad, being in Germany, and taking classes- but I don't know that word at all...
  10. I did some more thinking and this may be correct too, but i dunno.

    Definition of Mut: "guts, boldliness, etc". Meaning that if something did somebody that nobody could believe, that would be their "mut".

    Definition of Vize: vice, meaning second (of course).

    So...Vice boldliness/courage? Doesn't make much sense to me....*shrug*
  11. (Swiss) German is my mother tongue. I have never heard that word, sorry...
  12. definitely wasn't vizemutter.

    but vice-courage, that's interesting. what does that even mean?

    yeah it doesn't seem to be making much sense, definitely has nothing to do with any article of clothing except for selena's interpretation of a straight jacket. LOL.
  13. Mut = courage
    Vize = 2nd (like vice president)
    But together it doesn't make sense.
  14. Vermuth sounds halfway similar, it is a liquor... ?
  15. I speak Russian, does that count?