Does anyone shop the Outlet in Grove City, PA?

  1. If so, have you been there recently? Do they have any new styles in? I'm in the mood for a new handbag....

  2. Hi Kcrs95,
    I live in the Pittsburgh area too! I haven't been to the outlet for about a month but I actually called Grove City today to see if they are getting any Legacy stuff in, because it seems to be disappearing a little from the regular stores. The SA I spoke with wasn't sure about that but she said their selection is kind of picked over right now and not much is left. She said to definitely check back in a few days as they may be getting some new shipments in. The phone number is 724-748-5151 in case you wanted to call and see if they have anything in particular. Hopefully they'll be getting some new stuff in soon!
  3. I actually live North of Grove City. I called there today as well. She told me that they were getting shipments in this week also. I'm calling later this week. I'll post and let you know what I find out.
  4. That would be wonderful! Thanks!