Does Anyone Shop At The Coach Outlet In Tannersville, PA?

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  1. I am heading to the Poconos on Thursday and I was wondering if anyone shops at the Coach Outlet in Tannersville, PA? Is it worth a trip over there? :broom: Do they get FP deletes? I am thinking the new deletes may be at the outlets this weekend and it might be worth a look. Thanks!
  2. I was only there once, about 2 years ago on my way home from the Poconos. Had to hurry as DH and kids were waiting in the car. It's a good size store compared to my outlet, and they had a lot of deletes I remember. I hope you make it there and find something!
  3. It's a big store and the only time I went there were plenty of goodies. Worth the trip over in my opinion
  4. Thanks! :biggrin: It sounds like it's worth heading over there.
  5. Yes, the last time I was there~mid August~they had many deletes. Granted most of them were only 30% off(Poppy,Madison and Julias), but with an additional 20%, it is definately worth the trip. AND,it is a much larger outlet!
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    I didn't see a specific Tannersville reports thread, so I'm bumping this one :biggrin:

    I went today & there were tons of FP deletes, I couldn't believe it. I never expected to find so much after BF. Anyway here's what I remember:

    A full table of the studded Kristin line in black & boysenberry... pleated satchel, hobo/flap, large clutch, crossbody & wallets. Wallets were 50% off. Crossbody was like $79 even though it was on the 30% table with everything else.

    Mia carryalls... don't remember all the combos. That also had raisin Maggies as well as purple croc Audreys & Maggies. There were matching wallets too.

    Kristen leather satchels (small) in black, raisin, blue smoke... small & large hobos... don't remember any black hobos, but I could be wrong. They had the brown (acorn?) in one of the styles... can't remember. No pleated or large satchels. Kristin wallets were in the 50% area.

    Mia Harpers in all 4 colors: grey, navy, metallic & plum. GORGEOUS bag, but too big for me *sigh*

    Other bags I saw 1 or 2 of: sequin Audrey, purple python Spotlight I think it is, Kristin op art black/white pleated satchel, Mia embossed totes & Maggie, sapphire Spotlight, floral print Groovy, the light pink blogger limited edition bag, black leather Jazzy, and some more Poppy bags I can't recall. Also some Alexandras... blue patent, petrol suede, I think bronze embossed maybe? Some waverly looking totes & baby bags.

    Table of the Mia totes that came out for BF still at $179.

    In the 50% area I saw a couple of the black leather/fringe blogger limited edition bags, teal croc Alexandra, grape ice patent Jazzy, Mia convertible hobos, lots of pink storypatch hippies & Groovy, Julia canvas tote with I think green & maybe purple trim? There may have been another style or two, but I can't remember. Like I said, lots of deletes. HTH :smile:

    ETA: Just remembered lots of gilded op art Brookes as well!
  7. Wow! Maybe I should check this outlet out. I haven't been there in years.
  8. Have you been there since they expanded? They took over the store next to it. Can't remember if it was last year or the year before. It's huge, pretty sure they're bigger than Woodbury in size. It seems like it anyway.

    I went there figuring they'd have more left on a Sunday than Woodbury, but never expected to see so many different things.