Does anyone shop at LV Roosevelt Field or Manhassett?

Jun 5, 2006
Queens, NY
I need an SA recommendation for either of these stores. I shopped for the first time at the Roosevelt Field store yesterday had a lukewarm experience with the SA that took care of me and I'm looking for recommendations for either the Roosevelt Field or Manhassett store.


Chanel & LV
Jul 8, 2006
New Jersey
I purchased my Mono Totally MM at the Roosevelt Field Louis Vuitton store last month and Lana helped me. She was very nice and I would go back to her for my next purchase (thinking about a Mono Cles).

I've shopped at Manhasset twice because Roosevelt Field was out of stock on the items I wanted to purchase, and while the SAs were nice, I felt like I got more personal attention and assistance at Roosevelt Field.


Apr 24, 2007
I haven't had good experiences at RF. It was like they couldn't be bothered to help me. Much better at Manhasset. All were nice. I'm not too loyal so I don't have anyone in particular to recommend. The Saks at Walt Whitman is closer to me so I run in there more often. Even though they are much smaller they can usually get me what I want. And I have a few favorite SA there. If that's not too far, I can recommend.