Does anyone share the same sentiment as me regarding GH?!

  1. Hi all,

    Do you guys find the Giant Hardware really heavy? I mean, one thing I love about Balenciaga is the lightness, but it seems like 5 lbs added when you have the GH. Does anyone feel the same as me?

    For this very reason, I decided to return the NM Anniversary bag... sigh...
  2. Yup! I know exactly what you mean, however, I just love how the giant HW dresses up my bag. Although it's not a style I use everyday, I still love it, heavy or not. Just like my favorite shoes kill my feet, all in the name of fashion I suppose!!! :graucho:
  3. YUP... I'm right there with ya Purse-Ooooh:yes:

    I'll just add that some styles in GH are lighter than other GH's...for instance the day style isn't heavy at all in GH, IMO;)
  4. I definitely notice it more on the City & Part Time than I do on the Work or the Day bag.
  5. Absolutely! I don't own a single one. Too heavy and I don't wear gold, I wear platinum or white gold and they just don't look good on me. I do like the GSH and will probably get one in the new '08 style or a giant hobo. I love the way they look on everyone else, but when I got a GH City, I was shocked at how heavy it was.
  6. I find the Giant Hardware doesn't feel heavy on the Day or Hobo, but the City was crazy heavy IMO and I couldn't keep the thicker strap on my shoulders as I'm only 5'2".
  7. it would be perfect if they can invent some lighter metal for the GH. :idea:
  8. Yep it's heavy it's in part why I returned my Neiman Marcus LE, but on my hobo I don't notice it.
  9. I too returned the NM Ltd. due to weight. I like the look of the GSH so I'll probably invest in a Day once I get excited with one of the 08' colors.
  10. Cool, I love this thread. I've been wanting something to sway my desire for an Ivory City w/ GSH. I never quite warmed up to GH, so thank you! lol
  11. I love the GH, particularly the SGH. Bbags are much lughter than other brands, so the bag + GH does not seem heavy to me. I just got a Besace in ocean w/SGH. It is pretty lightweight.
  12. The GH makes the city bag much heavier IMO. However, as stated by PP, the GH Hobo isn't heavy at all.
  13. I agree! I got the Plomb/Steel City w/GGH last week and was surprised by how heavy it was! I normally carry my bags in the crook of my arm to lessen the stains on the handles but if I had to carry that bag, I probably would've gotten a good workout for my biceps! Needless to say, I returned it and now am strictly a RH gal:yes:
  14. YUP, the Giant Hardware is heavy.... I LOVE LOVE my SGH Plomb City.. but it's also the least carried bag. You could really do some damage with it if you swing it the wrong way~! j/k. However, I have 2 days with GH.. and it's not heavy at all on the day. It's heavy.. but I love the way it looks! :heart:
  15. I actually like the weight of the GH on the day and work bags! I don't carry too much stuff, so if a bag feels too light, I feel like I am forgetting something...:wacko: