Does anyone see the blue flora print wallet???

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  1. Did you guys know if this blue flora print wallet is on sale?? I had the Hobo bag in this print already. I've been searching for the wallet. Would be nice if this one is part of the presale :P My wallet is crying cuz of the sales season, but my :heart: is :yahoo: Please give me the location where the wallet is onsale at. TIA.
  2. yep that is on sale. around $233 i think? i saw it at the boutique this afternoon
  3. :nuts: Really?? Which location was it??? Can you please let me know, asap cuz I've called several locations, but they dont have any left. Oooh am so excited!!
  4. there is one left at the maryland location also. good luck and post pics!!
  5. There was one at the Tampa location (International Plaza & Bay Street). My SA also told me if I wanted something and they didn't have it she could order it and get it in, so I'm sure they could order it for you....:yes:
  6. Thanks for the info melone. I called them earlier, but the SA said she never has this print in a wallet. She only got the HOBO in this print. :sad:
  7. I am 100 percent sure I saw it next to the hobo on the right wall when you walk in... It was on sale. When you call ask for Romy, she's super nice, tell her Melanie (She might remember me, I was in there Wed.) told you to call her. Maybe they sold it.... but she said she can order things they are sold out of.

    Let me know what happens,
  8. santa clara, california location at santana row. the number is 408-557-9926. hope you get it!
  9. I dont think they're 233 oohsoo, cuz the regular price is 498 plus 40% is almost $300. So far, I haven't had any luck finding it yet, but am not gonna give up :smile: GOt a called from my local boutique said that she might be able to order one in for me. So am still waiting for her reply :smile: Wish me luck :smile: