Does anyone remember...

  1. Hi Everyone!

    Several years ago Coach came out with a Starfish Key Chain, it was done in semi precious stones. Does anyone have it or know anyway to get my hands on one? I have only seen it IRL once in the Vegas boutique. Any ideas??
  2. I remember it. They also had a turtle. They were limited edition items so your best bet is eBay. Just keep looking.
  3. A TURTLE??? AHHHHH! I NEED IT!:nuts:
  4. If I'm correct the tutle was a pin. And I love turtles too.
  5. Thanks Gals!

    The cell phone loop is cute but the key chain was soooo cute! I remember the turtle too. Strange I saw it about 3 years ago and to this day regret not getting it, damn me and my " I don't really need it" gene. :p
  6. I had the lanyard for some time, it was really cute!