does anyone remember

  1. the name of the site that talked about the history of hermes and how to tell a real product from a fake? there was an independent woman i think who just posted this stuff on the web - it wasn't really a blog or anything...
  2. Hi Hi Heels -- Just took a look at the site you mentioned. Great and clear photos, but frankly, I think many of these details can now be copied by companies in Asia making what are called "super fakes." So I tell my friends who buy from resellers (or who are thinking of doing so) to compare the zipper of the bag in question with that of a bag bought in an Hermes store. H always uses the same kind of zipper from one company although the older ones do not have the stamp of Hermes; and something with a different kind of zipper from that in a bag from Hermes itself will probably be a fake.

    At least this is what I think....
  3. Hi tokyo traveller. long time no see.
    i needed the site for the history info - wouldn't rely on pics for authenticity - don't worry. i'm a conservative strictly boutique girl anyway. :smile:
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