Does anyone remember...

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  1. that HUGE week we had around this time last year, when we realised there may be a record on the Hermes forum for bags/other H items gathered in one week? S'mom was keeping a tally, and it was incredible (I'll see if I can find the thread).

    Anyway, after looking at all the exciting threads going at the moment of all the lovely new bags etc. I'm thinking.......

    we may be having another one of those weeks!

    Gotta find that thread, so you know what I'm talking about....
  2. I remember. the week that was raining birkins!
  3. RAINING Birkins!! It was SO fab and exciting...!

    I think we're getting very close to another week like that again!!
  4. Yes, GF! I remember that thread. It is indeed raining H bags around the world. Best time of the year!
  5. Oh man, I totally remember that week. It was totally crazy and there was some serious enabling happening all around.
  6. People were buying bags that week to add to the tally!! It was GREAT!!!!
  7. S'Mom has her croc Kelly on that list!!!
  8. LOL, you were all so young and innocent, and I wasnt even born yet.....

  9. LOL! :roflmfao:
  10. wow...that must have been so exciting for everyone
    during that time period does Hermes get a lot of shipments?
  11. HOLY HELL!!!!!! I remember that week.....I was going ballistic trying to remember who got what and when and where and I couldn't keep up!

    This week has to be close......especially since the-store-that-has-nothing had a little something for S'Mom today (FINALLY!!!!!!!)
  12. S'Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. what?? s'mom spill!!!!!!!!

    now you're making me want to get the bag i've been waiting for already....
  14. Hurry up, H!!!!!! There's only three days left (if we count Sunday!)