Does anyone remember this?

  1. it is a suede and boucle' (or people like to say tweed) hobo with sequin flowers!

  2. Wow, long name! That's the actual name that was in the catalog and on the website and all?
  3. the official name was probably Coach Soho Tweed (or suede) Hobo in Midnight Blue

    it also came in Ivory
  4. She's called COACH Soho Tweed Small Hobo, Imported Wool Blend. Colors, Midnight and Ivory, From Fall 2006.

    She's pretty!
  5. Yeah, I remember the Ivory...I remember not picking it because I was afraid it would get dirty.

    Thanks for the info:yes:
  6. I want the blue ponytail scarf for this bag.
  7. Oh wow, you have all the info! Do you by any chance know the price? I like to try to keep track of how much I paid for things.

    And yeah, I loved this bag from the moment I saw it...and when I tried it on, I discovered it was the first bag I had ever encountered that actually stayed put on my horrible shoulders (bags always slide off of me!) was like this bag was made for me:love:.
  8. Besides the pond ergo hobo, THAT is my holy grail bag!:love: I own the scarf and wristlet in hopes that someday I will own this bag!


    Style # is 10069, Coach Soho Tweed Small Hobo. Color: Midnight. Came out in August 2006. Retailed for $358.

    Here are my matching accessories and a catalog pic of the bag!


  9. $358, I keep my catalogs...
  10. OMG thats gorgeous. I forgot about that style. I remember seeing someone a while ago with the wristlet, but had not seen the actual bag.
  11. Thanks! I usually keep mine, too, but when I moved all of my stuff out of my bedroom to paint it, a bunch of things went MIA and are scattered in various bags and boxes of stuff that I need to go through (I have way too much junk, so I need to go through it all to find what I need to keep, sell, or throw away). Heaven only knows where my catalogs ended up!:push:
  12. Yeah, I've never seen anyone else with this bag. When I went to buy it, they had no more in stock and tried to sell me the floor model:wtf:. They checked the computer and said that no other store nearby had it, so I went home and ordered it online. A day or two later, that color was gone from te website, so I got it just in time! They must not have made very many of them.:shrugs:
  13. Thanks for the pics! It's seriously your holy grail bag? I knew I liked it, but I never knew anyone else was as fond of it as I am!

    The accessories are pretty! I hope you'll find the bag someday!
  14. Oh, and the actual bag looks a bit different than it does in the catalog (catalog must have shown a prototype maybe?). The actual bag has a suede hangtag (not metal) and it lacks those little silver studs near the handle.

    I'll post pictures of mine later, so anyone who is trying to hunt one down has a better reference for what it's supposed to look like:idea: