Does anyone remember this Gucci?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I found this picture in the celebrity photo post. Can anyone tell me what season this bag was from, or what it's called? I LOVE IT!



  2. Yeah i think it's from the cruise line im not sure if it's still available as the last time i went 2 da Gucci outlet it woz on display but it is available Online jst visit
  3. Which one can you post a link?
  4. which outlet did you see it at?
  5. Thanks mona_danya! I'm so glad you found it!! I wish I knew how much that was in US dollars... hahaha.

    I'm glad we could help eachother out! Good luck if you do decide to purchase it! Now that I know where to find it, it's a good possibility I might, too... :rolleyes:
  6. I am curious which outlet she saw it at though!

    I did the conversion and at about $1250CDN so its probably around $1100 US
  7. I bought the Navy Blue belt bag by gucci but I am not comfortable with it and was looking for something a little this one is perfect and not too bad of a price!
  8. $1,100 isn't bad.... I PM'd her to ask which outlet she saw it at. If she doesn't re-post, I'll let you know if she replies to my message!
  9. I Pm'd her too as soon as she posted but no reply yet!
  10. Hahahaha.... great minds think alike? Or does this just mean we have waaaay too much of a Gucci problem?:p
  11. Since there is only 3 outlets in the U.S. I suggest try calling all 3. They are in NY, NJ & CA