Does anyone remember this Coach bag?

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  1. I bought this Coach bag in the Spring of 2003 at the Coach store in the Burlington Mall, Burlington, MA. I thought it was called the Signature Soft Carryall. I've been told that this was a limited edition style that Coach came out with that year. It also came in pastel colors: lilac, soft pink and lite green. It sold out fast.

    Does anyone have this bag or remember anything about it? I've been told it is called the cinch bag, but I thought it was the signature soft carryall.
  2. I can't remember the style name. But I remember the style. Coach came out with a smaller, slightly more structured version of the purse last year or the year before that. I recently saw it at my local Coach outlet. It was cream with orange trim.
  3. Yes, I remember those. I had one in Black. I know those were called Signature Soft Carryalls. They came in Khaki/Doe, Black, Hot Pink and the orange color you mentioned. I think it was called Melon. They came out in 2004, I think. A year after mine (the white one).
  4. Also, I forgot to mention, Coach also came out with leather bags in that style. One is white w/red trim.