Does anyone remember the price of the MADELEINE GM (EPI)?

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  1. Hi friends. Does anyone remember the price of the Madeleine GM before it was discontinued? Thanks.
  2. I'm taking an educated guess, think it was around $1680 CND. That is the Epi, GM. Will search over my receipts to see if I can find the original bill.
  3. In 08 I paid $840 for my PM.
  4. Oh how quickly the prices rise,,, that one is $1190 CND now.
  5. I paid $1100 US in 2010. When discontinued, it was $1500. It is wonderful to see so much interest in this bag as it received none back in the day. So many said it was plain and boring. It Was a classic that no one appreciated. I hope LV brings back this type of understated bag that draws attention for its style and craftsmanship
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  6. Totally agree and well said. I love this bag. I'm so glad I purchased before they discontinued this style. Sounds about right $1500 US - $1680 CND.
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  7. Thank you, I would really appreciate it! :smile:
  8. Hello, so sorry for the late reply - $1580 + tax ,,, that's Canadian funds (plus 13% tax).
  9. Indeed the Madeleine Epi is understated and elegant. I am so happy I bought mine and have kept it well. It is a great bag!

  10. Love the Madeleine too....I have the PM, purchased in 2008, still looks as good as new.
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  11. I love your Madeleine PM.
    I have the bigger version and it has weathered time pretty well too.

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  12. Thank you, it's my workhorse bag, really used and abused. The GM is a great size to carry work documents.

    I'm still thinking of the Madeleine PM in Quetsches colour.
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  13. Indeed, the reason why I bought this bag was for work as it can fit folders and a small laptop. I love how sturdy and durable it has been. Imho this bag looks its best in black.

  14. Nv