Does anyone remember or know....

  1. I recently bought the "McKenzie" boots (I think-they're quilted with fur from last year) and while browsing ebay came across this bag:

    eBay: NEW~COACH Signature Fur Quilted SKI HOBO AUTHENTIC 3586 (item 330042962220 end time Nov-01-06 11:33:46 PST)

    It looks like it would match my boots!! Anyway, does anyone know or remember when this bag came out? I remember seeing it in the store (Nordstrom) but don't remember when? Was it recent enough to be in the outlet now? I think it would be so cute with my boots if I could find it at a decent price. Also, did it come in 2 sizes? I remember one having a snap across it, but this one does not.

  2. Creed indicates 2005. Hope that helps!
  3. If my memory serves me correctly, they were from last year (around this time or maybe a bit later). It did have two sizes and I believe that the outlets already had them a couple months after they left the store. I remember seeing them a while back. Good luck!
  4. I've seen them lately at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. They have been in good condition too. Soo cute. Good luck.
  5. Thanks guys!! I'll have to check TJs and Marshalls! They would probably be cheaper than the outlet! Isn't it funny how when something is all over the stores, you often don't pay much attention to it? Then a year or so later, you decide its the cutest thing you've ever seen???:smile:
  6. That's for last year's holiday season I believe. It's the ski quilted line. They were at the outlets sometime earlier this year and they're all gone by now at the outlets I frequent. I did see them at TJMaxx/Marshalls recently though. :yes:
  7. I have it in white, love the look of it, haven't used it yet. I bought at the outlets back in March. I haven't seen any since there. But, I have seen some every now & again at Marshalls and Norstrom Rack. Good Luck!
  8. I have this bag! My parents got it for me at TJ Maxx for $200. I saw one at the Filene's Basement near me for $249 (I told my parents they got a deal - they didn't seem to agree!). I've seen botgh styles (this one and the larger one) in the TJ Maxx near me as well - always in good condition.

    And I know what you mean about not noticing something at first and then a year later it becomes the cutest thing you've ever seen! Thank goodness for outlets and TJs/Marshalls!
  9. I was at TJ Maxx today and they had the larger version of this bag in white for $200 I though it was a great price and was in wonderful condition. I agree it's totally cute. I didn't buy it cause it was white and I really want a black one.
  10. I want a black one too!! I guarantee now that I'm looking for it, it will be impossible to find. I'm persistent, though! I've been known to drive all over town to every TJs there is if I'm looking for something!:smile: The good news is I'm heading to NYC next weekend to run in the marathon and they have TJs and Filene's basement (we don't have one of those) so I can check there too!:wlae:

    I was never nuts about the fur line until I got my boots. Now everytime I look at them, I think "they will not be complete without that bag!":yahoo: